Locking buttons and levers

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  1. I know that levers and buttons are protected with the new Anti-Grief update. However, would it be possible to lock buttons and levers in the wild? That way only you or those you vouch for or add to the lock sign could use them. Just an idea :)
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  2. +1

    Right now you can only lock "container blocks" (chest, jukebox, dispenser/dropper, etc.) and "special blocks" (crafting table, jukebox, beacon, etc.) but the need to lock special blocks has been obsoleted by the Anti-Grief protection. And given the fact that we can now build redstone contraptions in the Frontier without risk of sabotage or tampering....

    And thanks for pointing my attention to that wiki page. Considering what I said above (some lock features being obsoleted) I think it needs an update to point out the Anti-grief features as well.
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  3. +1 Sounds like a good idea, that would be useful for farms
  4. locking buttons would be nice, although it might not be the most helpful thing.
    Person A has a wheat farm where when you press the button it farms the wheat.
    Person B want to use this farm, so he places a button along the redstone to bypass the locked button
    Person A's farm has been farmed... though this could be stopped by building a box around any redstone, I doubt most people go to that work.

    I like the idea, but it just doesn't seem useful enough in the end.
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  5. I think this will work, I can I tghink easyly make a system with redsone that can't be cheated by placing a redstone input on a place you can come, but works with a locked button :)
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