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  1. So I was looking at the Lock wiki wilderness guide, and at the items, it said a wooden door is lockable. I place a lock sign, but it doesn't register. I put a lock sign behind it, doesn't register. I move the door, and place the sign on the side, doesn't register. I was scratching my head and thought maybe there was a mistake and only iron doors open. I did the same sequence with iron doors but it STILL doesn't lock.

    Can I have some help here?

    Also, there also could be a suggestion here. Could Iron Doors be added to be lockable. If wooden doors are lockable, how about iron doors, so they cannot be destroyed, needs redstone, and its locked.
  2. If doors are lockeble you need to put the sign on the door
    , or above the door.
  3. Were you outside of the 150 block periodic reset area around spawn?

    Also, were you trying to have someone else test to open or remove it? It doesn't lock you out.
  4. Yes, I am actually at an outpost called Concordia.

    Also, I was not trying to have someone test it. I put the lock sign above the door, under, the side, behind, but it still doesn't lock. It gives me a message saying, "Could not find a lockable item below the sign."
  5. Why bother locking a door? All someone would have to do is take their pickaxe and go through your wall. The only thing worth locking at an outpost is a chest.
  6. It means you do not want someone going in that space. All places in the wild are free domain, you are allowed to explore what you find, as long as you do not change anything. A locked door is courteously asking you to NOT go into that space, as it is a private space.
  7. Doors are not lockable, only items with inventory.
  8. If someone goes and breaks through the door, then they would be griefing and get perma banned. :D

    I want to lock my door so I don't have any rude players keep on walking in my house. I am not always comfortable with that.
  9. Where does it say doors, levers or buttons?
    "Inside the Frontier and Nether worlds, you can lock chests and other supported items using a sign (for 1,000Rupees each). This will protect it from thieves and trouble makers. All you have to do is place a sign above the item with the word lock on the first line, the system will take care of the rest! You can lock chests, beacons, furnaces, crafting tables, jukeboxes, brewing stands, dispensers, enchantment tables, and cauldrons. Once you lock an item only you can use the item and remove the item or the sign locking it."
  10. Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 2.41.45 PM.png

    I think it is actually outdated.
    You used to be able to lock doors, buttons, levers, doors, trap doors, etc.
    I am not sure you can anymore.
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  11. Why would anyone want to lock a crafting table xD
  12. If this actually isn't a glitch and they removed this in some EMC version, I suggestion we make iron and wooden doors lockable. :D
  13. The only thing you could do with doors with signs was allow access to use them on your res.
  14. 100% sure they used to be lockable - I remember doing it.
  15. I remember trying to lock a door in about June 2012, and it wasn't working. I don't think they've ever been lockable...
  16. They might have never added doors at that time.

    Like Jack said, pretty sure doors were lockable.

    And if they weren't lockable, there has been a huge mistake.
  17. I remember the first day I played on EMC... I went out into the wild, made a small hut, and locked EVERYTHING...
    I am 100% sure I locked my doors.

    that was may of 2012