Live Map For The End

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  1. Pretty self-explanatory, we don't have a Live Map for the end. I would like to suggest that we change that.
  2. +1 seems somewhat useful
  3. -1. The End is pretty small and some people have hidden Enderman grinders they don't want griefed.
  4. It has been said several times in the past there will be no Live Map for the end because of concerns of griefing. Anyway, since it is so small, you shouldn't even need one.
  5. Then, please enlighten me, I've never heard this said.
  6. -2, on account of both enderman and iron golem farms.
    Basically, with the End as barren as it is, there's nothing stopping someone from just looking at it and seeing at farm. As it's unreasonable to expect someone to build a farm 5000 blocks out in the End where there already is nothing, only normal hiding techniques can be used, which are really effective, until you use the livemap, where everything becomes easily visible.
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  7. There have been four or five threads, but none recently which is why you didn't know. I would point you in the direction of some links, but searching is so broken that I can't find them anymore.
  8. That's fine, people made more reasons not to have it, then to have it.
  9. If cons outweigh pros, it should probably not happen.
  10. That was exactly what I was saying.
  11. As it's been said here, it would cause grief to many players to add it.

    Live maps primary purpose is helping to navigate, but the end is so small its kind of hard to be 'lost' there.

    So we would do more harm than good to add it.
  12. Speak for yourself.
  13. How would it be good?
  14. Uh... I was joking about my considerable capacity to get lost.