LIght up Pumkin heads for the 2015 Halloween special promo

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  1. Here we have the new promo for the Halloween 2015 promo. The promo will be like last years but instead of dispensing candy it, when you were it, will light the area around. The light is a bit brighter then a glow-stone block and the light when you were it will travel so you don't have to put torches down when mining. I think this will be a cool promo for Halloween 2015
  2. I like the idea, I would like to see this as a promo. Not sure how they would make it light up the area but it sounds cool.
  3. it can be done I hope :D
  4. This would be AWESOME. Maybe a drop for a halloween event instead of just the /promo
  5. You would get the punpkin Shape on your screen so wouldnt you be able to see better without it? :p
  6. I could see this causing server lag with the constant lighting updates.
  7. As a wearable item? Or just something to place down? Apologies if you specified in the OP, I didn't see it :p

    If its the latter, it can already be done through base game features.
  8. That's kinda what I was thinking. Not sure how this would be possible without lag.
  9. Unless there only about 10 , and people aren't wearing this all the time, I can seeing it be a drop at a drop party, but not a promotional item. I like the idea.
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  11. Plus, this might be hard to code for the developers, every block you move it has to light up. Great idea though. :)
  12. I don't understand why people think this would be difficult to code? you don't have to worry about mob spawning since they can't spawn that close and having a moving light source isn't something completely foreign to java or minecraft. next time its day in game, look up :p
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  13. I believe you are asking for dynamic lighting, which Minecraft doesn't have. I really don't see this being possible with all of my years of coding experience, which is 0.
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  14. it is true when you were the mask it will not spawn in mobs since light can't spawn in mobs. the pumpkin is wearable like last years, but I don't see how it would lag, I mean when you put a torch down it can not lag, right?
  15. all the pumpkin is, is a moving light source that you put on your head
  16. This idea is a good idea, but let me hear from you what do you think some changes could be and whats your ideas :D
  17. The thing is, we currently have no way of doing the moving light that you want without constantly placing/removing an object that creates light.

    To better explain this, please tell me something in Minecraft that emits light, is an entity, and moves. (Light sources with pistons don't count.)
  18. Neat idea, I just go tnt mining with no lights cause I may just wind up blowing up torches anyway. So having this would be cool.
  19. I have seen mods that can move light sources
  20. Those are mods, mods are not part of the vanilla Minecraft game. Sorry. :(
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