Letter from Vault-Tec

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Did you get the reference of the letters?

Yes 21 vote(s) 75.0%
No 7 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Congratulations my dear Safety-Conscious Citizens! You may have been selected to be part of the Vault-Tec community integration program!

    Now you are probably wondering if you got a book (signed by me) called "Letter From Vault-Tec." when you opened your Valentine's Box.

    So you may have gotten one of these two letters.

    Dear Safety-Conscious Citizen:
    Congratulations on your family's recent inclusion in the Vault 111 community!

    You will find outlined in your application materials a full review of rules and procedures related to preparing for shelter in a Vault-Tec facility, but we will outline a few key points here:

    Vault-Tec provides all clothing, bedding, and accommodations for residents. Personal belongings must be reviewed and approved of by an authorized Vault-Tec hermetics technician before such belongings can be delivered to your reserved quarters within the Vault. In the event of an emergency entrance to the Vault, no personal belongings will be permitted beyond the main door of the facility.
    All Vault residents must attend an orientation seminar. If you did not attend such a seminar as part of the application process, you must make an appointment with your Vault-Tec representative.

    In the event of a Vault activation, whether actual or drill, Vault-Tec will sound a siren audible in the immediate vicinity of the Vault facility entrance, and residents will be contacted via holotape message at the phone number provided in their resident profile records. Please report promptly to Vault 101 to await admittance and processing upon such a notification.

    Vault-Tec looks forward to having you and your family as valued residents! Be sure to present this letter to your Vault-Tec representative to receive your special, commemorative Vault Boy bobble-head toy!

    Dept of Public Relations
    Boston, MA

    Dear Safety-Conscious Citizen -
    We are writing to inform you that your family was not selected for inclusion in your chosen Vault-Tec facility. Your deposit has been retained, and your application added to a waiting list for your preferred Vault. In the interest of your family's security in the event of a minor nuclear event, please consider relocating to one of these areas, where Vault-Tec facilities are available without a waiting list:

    For a full list of Vault-Tec facilities with available accommodations, in exciting locales such as Oklahoma and newly-annexed Canada, contact your local Vault-Tec representative!
    Vault-Tec wishes you and your family the best of luck in the uncertain future.

    Best regards;
    Public Relations Dept
    Boston, MA

    Now don't worry, some may have got the reference and some may have not.

    This was supposed to be a little joke from the Fallout game franchise.

    If you are familiarized with the game Fallout 3, you can find one of these two letters around Springvale, which the letter is addressed for Mr and Mrs. Gomez, which are Officer Gomez's ancestors. The Lone Wanderer meets Officer Gomez in Vault 101. I take that you can guess this was the Accepted one.
    The other one (Rejected) shall be found close to Tempeny Tower in a destroyed house.
    Ok now that this is settled, these were letters given by Vault-Tec before the Great War to either decide with families were accepted or rejected to be part of the Vault community integration. Basically they either decided if you were gonna get into a comfy bunker or not when the Atomic Bombs felt.

    This video is the Fallout 4 Intro but contains a bit of the lore of the Fallout Universe.
    Feel free to watch it if you want to know a bit more about it, or if you just want to feel that nostalgia. Of course that is not the complete version, it's more like a very very very short version of it. But you'll get the idea.

    So I hope that everyone enjoy this little joke I made on Valentine's Day since it was the perfect opportunity to do it. But again, a happy Valentine's Day for everyone, and that you have a lovely day!

    Order your own Vault Dweller's Survival Guide!

    Congratulations on being prepared for the future!

    > Did you know if you type www.prepareforthefuture.com you will be redirected to the Fallout Home Page?
    This is due to the advertisement campaign that Bethesda did for Fallout 3.

    > Did you know that Fallout is based on a game called Wasteland?
    Try it out, it's pretty cool!

    >The first Fallout franchise game came out in 1997 with the name "Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game."
    In fact, it's one of the best games in the franchise! Also how the game was originally meant to be played. You will probably be thrilled with how the game was back then.

    >On the game Fallout: New Vegas, if you lower your Intelligence too much your character will start talking like a caveman.
    Side Note: Back then your character only spoke through dialogue boxes and not really through voice due to the fact there was no voice actors for your own character.

    >The oldest character in the franchise is Harold, a guy who got exposed to the FEV Virus and mutated into a tree. You get to find him on Fallout 3.

    >Did you know the Fat Man was based on a real weapon? It was called the M-28 or M-29 Davy Crockett Weapon System. It was supposed to shoot a handheld nuclear device.

    >Did you know the Fallout Universe ALMOST happened in real life. Good thing that they found out that radiation was too dangerous.
  2. I loved this way too much, and I also got rejected AND accepted. WHO'S READY FOR HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION!!!!!!!!
  3. I got one of these! I thought it was something to do with Fallout lol. Thanks xD

    EDIT: I got rejected! :eek:
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  4. About that, I may have given you a rejected one and remember that you were supposed to be accepted... Dude there were like 300 people. I'm terrible at remembering stuff so... Yeah lol. Sorry if I switched yours.

    Congratulations! good luck surviving the nuclear apocalypse! lol
  5. Lol I wouldn't stand a chance xD
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  6. i noticed my book... the front page is cut off and doesn't tell me if i've been accepted xD
    i mean it goes on to tell me the rules and stuff.. so i am assuming i have been, but it says "congratulations on your family's" ... and then starts on the next page with the rules xD
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  7. I don't need this... I have my own apocalypse bunker. I haven't checked my Valentine's Day box yet, so I might have been accepted. IDK. Still, nice joke, Mercenaries.
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  8. I've never played fallout personally but I've heard enough about it that when I read it this morning I got the reference :)
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  9. I was wondering why I got one of these.
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  10. Even though I got rejected, I was happy i got it! Fallout is bae
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  11. Yes you have been accepted. Meg, you were the first person I thought about when doing this. lol

    Remember, you still have a chance if Vault-Tec have openings on a new facility!

  12. Remember guys, the US Government issued about 122 Vaults and only 17 of these vaults were meant to save people. All the rest was for social experiments. So... I guess not being accepted is not much worse. lol.

  13. BUMP!
    Also added a few curiosities. Might add more in the future.
  14. I got rejected. Gotta apply somewhere else, I guess.
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  15. I got rejected. Just gotta die I guess.
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  16. Don't worry guys, living as a ghoul is not so bad! And you can always visit Necropolis or the Underworld!
    These exotic locations are perfect for ghouls.
  17. I got rejected. It's ight though, I like being a ghoul. You can play dead whenever and radiation heals you.
    Heading over to this place called Megaton, thinking of- wait, they don't like ghouls there?
    Eh, whatever, I'll just head on over to Nevada. Heard of this place, the Platinum Stri- don't like us there too?
    Fine, just gonna go make my way on over to Diamond City. At least in Bos- OH COME ON

    I'll just head back to Necropolis now. Friggen smooth skins.
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  18. Come to New Jersey, nobody cares about that place anyway ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
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  19. Have you heard of a little place called Tempeny Tower?
  20. Nah, but on my way to check out this place called the Citadel. Saw the U.S Army there, so they should protect me.
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