Lets talk about the wild, shall we?

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  1. heh Aikar i saw that, sneaky sneaky
  2. I don't know why this even bothers you. I just ignore all the nonsense chatter and move on. Who cares if they think their outpost is better than yours?

    Hmm, I didn't notice myself groveling much....
    Wait, I'm at fault? :eek: I didn't even know. I'm sorry, I guess this "game" and "play your way" concept has just been taken way too far. I need to start enforcing my will upon others! :mad:

    Heck, now you're getting somewhere. If you don't like 'em, lead by example. Show 'em how it's done! :D
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  3. Tiny chat? :confused:
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  4. I think that the NR2 has died out, and will remain that way. The two big players left, Volt and Estona, are doing ok, I think the fight with the "leadership" the the NR2 kinda burned out several outpost leaders, including myself. Its meant to be fun, not argument and war.

    Anyways, my opinion on what we should do: nothing. Many people have made a hone in the are where the NR once was, and one community is thriving. I say we just let that spot on SMP9 be their as a reminder of sorts what happens when people take this game too seriously. Maby one day someone will find it, and make something nice out of it, idk, someone might find value out of it. I say if you want to do "something", start a new outpost cluster somewhere that is a non government type thing.
  5. Yah I have to turn brightness all the way up and zoom in :/
  6. He types in default text lol
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  7. The size he posts at is smaller than what everyone else posts, I don't think it's default because I've never changed mine and this is bigger than his.
  8. For me it is bigger than yours :p
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  9. That's off only 607 on my device has tiny chat while everyone else seems normal
  10. theres a number of communities out there that refused to be apart of the original NR and have never really suffered for it. there was a thread that dwight commented on where we were rating some of out outposts that dictates this sentiment rather frivolously. i dont think most of the older outposts fall into that category and am a member of many of them myself as long as you are open with your politics with all members and dont have secret coup meetings liek NR members frequently did i think that for the most part this op does not apply to many outposts. ive never seen stoneguard do it, nor winterfell (even tho hardly anyone ventures out there any longer) my personal outpost has remained drama free since its inception and i act as supreme overlord out there.

    tl;dr dont lump in all outposts with the failings of both NR's or even many of its subsidiary colonies
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  11. ^ can't tell if its been drama free despite or because you're supreme overlord out there
  12. Here are my 2cents:

    I agree LLO is more a collection of what other outposts called "states" or "nations" than a single outpost.
    We call them districts.
    We do not have many additional rules except server rules and that gives people a lot of freedom to do things.
    All we really ask is respect. Also it helped and still helps that we have members that have fun connecting the different districts.
    So anyone can join and have a conversation on where would be a good place for whatever they want to build. They get full autonomy as we try to space it out and then work together to connect things with paths and rails.
    Then others that just want a small vacation home or something settle along the new connections and so the thing grows in a kinda natural way.

    This way we even managed to have really great relationships with other outposts the LLO kinda grew into (or they into the LLO, doesn't matter). We do not even discuss if they are part of LLO or LLO is part of them because nobody cares (e.g. Wintermoon).

    The fact there is no leader or government keeps the egomania down. People are proud of what they build, the people working on the infrastructure (rails, the famous bridges etc) are rightfully proud of making those connections too. It is a win-win.
    When there is the inevitable conflict we try to talk it out or (never used as far as I know yet) have votes if needed.

    I am not saying a more governed outpost cannot work and there have been examples of those but I've come to doubt those models scale as well as the LLO. Strict rules and strong leaders seem to work better for smaller groups in the MC world.
    Then again it does not really matter how big an outpost gets as long as people playing there are having fun. Some failed outposts seem to have forgotten that and got caught up in bureaucratic struggles. I guess nobody plays MC to have that.

    Calling people out because they also are active in other outposts or in town does not help too. LLO never did that. People can live there, have vacation homes, shops or even embassies for other outposts camps. Never saw someone being called a "traitor" for the way they like to play or similar nonsense (griefers etc excluded of course).

    Give people freedom, try to expand out (don't be afraid of empty space between settlements) and make connections / infrastructure. Don't try to be the biggest greatest outpost ever. Just build, have fun and people will join. Because people seem to like fun :)
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  13. Acting on the behalf of the dissolved Second New Republic and Afrene Federation,arveng and Lukafolz were indeed traitors,not because of other groups,but because of their coup.
  14. Not Traitors may I u that u bossed us around and we didn't want to be part of it thank you very much and stop blaming everything on me
  15. Haha,arveng and you had a fun time swearing at me using command blocks,didn't you?
    I can and WILL blame it on you.
    If you ask why,I know you were behind it.
  16. i didnt swear and i didnt do the command blocks and u can ask arveng that
  17. i dont even know how to use most command blocks only can do give items and when all that was happening i was amking skywars
  18. Anyway kitten i left for a new job never had anything against the 2nd nr
  19. Fine.
    Your criminal record is repealed,considering arveng did the command blocks.
  20. The problem is with your device then, not his text. Might want to look into that. But this is getting way off topic.

    I don't really notice 'drama' most of the time, but I will agree with Legit that there seems to be far too much friction in outposts that try to model themselves after a government. It's Minecraft, an open-world sandbox where you put blocks together and build things. It doesn't have to be complicated (although that hasn't stopped people from building crazy-complex things)!

    Setting goals for an outpost is fine, but they should be obvious material goals - build a railway line here, a library there, a crafting hall by the river. Trying to be "the biggest and best" anything is just asking for failure.