Lets Appreciate Some Stuffs

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  1. So recently there have been a lot of talks about bad things on EMC. That being said, anything regarding those should be left at the door, preferably in a medium sized cardboard box.

    This thread is going to be appreciating things about EMC that you just happen to like. In the time I have been on EMC, I've come to love a lot of it's features and things about it. So I invite all of you to write things you appreciate about it, as I will now.

    • The Friends System: Many servers have a friends system, but I think EMC really nailed it in their own incarnation. Because this friends system, has been implemented into other things like the new build protection, and tons of other stuff. The Friends System and the various systems around them both supply each other and work very well to provide an easy-to-learn way of documenting your friends.
    • The fact that in chat, the moderators have stars next to their name so they are easier to see
    • How group chat is universal, so even if you are in the waste and someone else is in town, you can both talk still
    • How large clustered together groups get buffs. This encourages people to group up when they go mining, which fuels the social and economical impact of the server.
    • /gtp, which was a long desired feature that in it's current form, is perfectly balanced as to not break the difficulty of the Wastes where teleportation is limited while still letting you help your friends out of those rough spots.
    • How the forums have something that can appeal to everyone
    • The sort of passive-rivalry between the various SMPs is also a grand time (FOR SMP2 THE TRUE MASTER RACE SMP TO DESTROY ALL OTHERS MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA carrot)
    • The gracious (ridiculou) amount of events on the Empire, with nearly one daily and more to come with the release of the Game World. Eventually
    • "Remember guys, layer by layer" (Big Dig Memes)
    Remember this is a thread about being positive about the aspects of the Empire. And before someone goes and says this is a thread in response to all the negativity on the Empire, I've actually just wanted to make this thread for a while (not sure if a similar one already exists) and for the most part I am usually positive. With all that being said, here's a Cherrim
  2. Your signature.."Builder, Writer, Vegetable"

    One of my fave things is the group chat thingy since most my friends spend most their time in the wild.
    EMC custom items/promo thingies
    Grief free plots
    those have to be my top faves
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  3. Yknow, I didn't realize how good EMC's system was until I went on a server a friend played on, it was pretty bad, also to continue with the theme, heres a Porygon-z
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  4. I'm glad we're allowed to have mobs in the frontier. And that the server is lag-free despite our large builds and terribly built red stone machines...and hopper chains.
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  5. I love this! Thank you carrot, you took the words right out of my mouth ♡

    •how orderly everything is. A place for players who like to pvp. A place for players who enjoy economy play. A place for traditionalists of Minecraft to play their way.

    •Player run events. Like drop parties. The host gains nothing but the enjoyment of giving and making others happy.

    •Helping other players out wherever I can ^_^

    •Custom: items, mobs, and events

    Here's a comfey in closing ♡
    • I appreciate all of the Staff that put up with my random anecdotes in modchat throughout the work day and continue to work to better this community however they can.
    • I appreciate Aikar and the developers for the hard work they do in the coding and brainstorming that I've been privy to. Their minds are dangerous masterpieces when at work.
    As for features:
    • I appreciate the residence teleport system. Seriously, veterans know what I'm talking about here. Remember when all mega-mall lobbies HAD to be on the top most floor so that you could drop through holes in the floor?
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  6. I appreciate the openness to all ages.
    On YouTube, I often see messages like "you're 10? you shouldn't be on the internet you dumb ****". Posted by people who are probably in their early teens themselves.
    Here? The rules technically state you should be 13, I believe, but that's for legal reasons.
    Anyone is welcome here, as long as they behave.
    In fact, even if they don't always behave as well, they're still welcome, if they're willing to listen to staff and do their best to change.
    I really love the age diversity here. Also because it's amazing to see people mature, for a big part through EMC.
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  7. I appreciate all the people on EMC, for me, the community, the economy and all the custom features are what drew me in to EMC :)
  8. I appreciate many things about EMC. Most especially the amazing people. Second most, the professionally put together background software and coding that has gone into it. Third most, having that unlimited frontier to build whatever I want in and get lost in by myself just building, mining or destroying my own stuff so I have something to fix whenever I have had a stressful day.
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  9. Also gotta appreciate the "no items round" in mob arena, since it allows anyone, not just the rich players, to actively participate on an even playing field where normally some people go in wearing diamond armor.
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  10. I really appreciate how close EMC sits to vanilla. And I know... There are players who feel that it's actually moving away from it (and I can respect that) but I cannot help wonder how many of those actually still play vanilla?

    My (strictly private) LAN server (recently upgraded to 1.10) is mostly vanilla, I use it for sketching things out a bit, testing redstone stuff on a server and to actually play survival. Often on my own, also often together with my gf.

    Here's the thing: I've been playing on EMC for well over a year now and I've never felt alienated from the actual vanilla game. Sure: I do miss a working compass, I would like to have /dispose at my disposal (lol) and it's often a bit more quiet :p But I'm still enjoying myself playing Minecraft and exploring cave structures (one of my favorite activities).

    In fact: last week I was playing single player and noticed that it was actually a lot easier than it is on the Empire (I'm playing on /diff 6 here) :D

    Just for context: after playing on "another server" for 4 or so months I also had a few singleplay survival sessions. And it surprised me how much depending I had become to teleport commands and other things! Honestly, the game had become less fun for me :confused:

    Not here... And that's what I appreciate the most: the careful balance in gameplay.
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  11. i appreciate when ppl help out other ppl.

    today ssrccorp saw new player get stuck in frontier so he goes there, talks 2 them, helps them and brings 'm back into town. now server has a new player who likes emc so far.
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  12. I appreciate how well balanced EMC is. Any player can join and become successful after a few months of working at it. It's not effortless and it's not impossible. It's a good balance. The only place I saw an imbalance was in accessibility to grinders and big farms, and we all know what I did about that ;) The staff and the EMC community have been awesome about supporting the Public Wild Utilities. Thank you all :)

    I'm grateful it is not pay-to-play or any nonsense like that. Yes, you can pay for perks, but they're just that - perks. It's more about paying to support EMC so it can continue its existence, and afford improvements. Again, a really good balance has been achieved.

    I recently had to explain to a new player that there are no "ranks" in game. I am not "diamond rank". I was then asked if EMC gave me permanent diamond supporter for running PWU. Ha ha - no! I had to explain that PWU is essentially a charity. No one makes any profit off of it. It's all volunteers. Out of 11 builds, there's been 3 times now where there were leftover materials that I could auction off and share out "thank you for helping" gifts. The same thing is true of GRIP, several other public farms on other smps, and ForeverMaster's endermen XP farms. EvilToade is building public wild utilities also now that antigriefing is here :) We've got a pretty awesome community that supports all these big non-profits. After I told all that to this new player, I think his brain leaked out his ears. "Does not compute - this isn't what happens on MC servers." EMC is pretty darn special <3
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  13. Wait
    There is Big Dig Memes !! I need to see this !!
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  14. I really love all the friendly people on the server. I'm also very thankful that swearing isn't allowed on here. I've been on some other servers and immediately quit because I couldn't stand everyone swearing and being rude to each other. The staff also help with that, so I appreciate the staff and all they do for the community!
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    • I appreciate being part of smp8 (head kinda gives it away, ya know ;))
    • I appreciate my friends finf EMC for me(althou they got banned :confused:)
    • I appreciate when RainbowChin(or anyother SS) take part of his time to become my slave
    • I appreciate having krysyy as a community manager for varius reasons
    • I apreciate the eggification system
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  15. There's a lot of things I appreciate about EMC, but mostly it's the people. I've been a part of many communities over the years and I often end up drifting away or losing interest after a while. And yet, somehow I've put up with you loonies for over four years and I'm still here... I hardly even "play" Minecraft anymore, but I still enjoy being a part of EMC even after interest in the game itself has waned.

    And also how the resetting Wastelands means a never-ending supply of sandstone.

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