Leaving the Empire.

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  1. This is just a follow up from my previous thread. As it turns out, my residence was reclaimed a few days back meaning I can't give away all of my stuff. What I can do however, is give away my money. I currently have over 100,000 Rupees and I'm going to divide it up into 10 bits. If you'd be interested in trying to win some money, send me a message and I'll put everyones name into a hat and then make the draw. You have 24 hours to send me a message. Once more, thank you all for your kind words, I hope you all find yourselves at home in this truly fantastic community. Adios.
    - Johnny187896
  2. random.org
  3. I will take any number or any spot you give me. I want rupees. :p
  4. Me too!
  5. ill take some.
  6. I will as well, sad to see you go.
  7. Same. Hope all is well and this is just a decision to take a break.
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  8. I would love rupees I only have 700
  9. I will need rupees for my ongoing lair project.
  10. I'd take some rupees. Is there going to be a raffle of some sort?
  11. I want rupees too :)

    But why are you leaving :(
  12. Rupees? Yes please.
  13. now that i'm not sure if you meant a conversation started or not, i will just put my name here...kinda...
    And shame on the I-want-money-people...

    As for the reclaiming, i kinda know how you feel. (no, it wasn't my res...yes, it was my stuff gone though)

    And why am i such an idiot not to put a "goodbye" and "maybe we'll see each other some time again' in my post?
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  14. Add me too! I want to participate in this raffle!
  15. Just thought I'd clarify the rules. You must Start a conversation with me to have your name entered into the draw. I'm going to make it 5 lots of 20K Rupees instead also, as I don't see there being enough people entering to make 10 prizes feasable. If, by this point, you have already sent me a message then do not do so again, your names are already counted. If you have ONLY placed your name in this thread or written on my wall, then you will need to send me a message. Good luck guys.
    - Johnny187896
  16. Can I also add that there are no limits to the number of people who can enter, but each name will only be counted once. Eveyone has the same chance of winning one of the 5 20k prizes :)
    - Johnny187896
  17. sorry to see you go, IGN hunter5991 (also sent you a PM)
  18. Never had the chance to meet you. But best of luck going forward.
  19. 45 Minutes until I begin the draw everyone. This is your final chance to send me a message. Names sent after 8:30pm BST will not be counted.