Leaving EMC...For Now.

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  1. Hey, guys.

    A few of you might recognize me from SMP7, but mostly this post is directed towards the staff. I'd like to start off by saying that I'm not leaving because of the community. Overall, the people here have been great. A bit quiet, perhaps, but friendly and accepting on the whole. This is also not a rant against the staff, but simply to the staff, so that they have an idea of where I'm coming from and can take this as a kind and constructive way for me to criticize the server, so that things can change for the future.

    It is time for me to say goodbye, at least for now. And here's why.

    Since I started here on SMP7, I have been griefed not once, not twice, but three times, and a potential fourth that doesn't really count since it was in the wastelands. Again, not holding the community responsible, but I can't keep rebuilding like this. Do I have the resources? Yeah, and if I didn't I could get them. But I don't want to rebuild. The first time, I lost a lot of stuff, and it took a long time to get everything back. I spent weeks gathering resources to replace the ones I had lost. The second time, I was frustrated because I lost spawners, which are definitely irreplaceable, and my builds had been wrecked. So I relocated, even though I had an ideal spot that I had found. But this last time was just the last straw. It wasn't even as major of a grief as the last two, but it was enough to push me over the edge, so to speak. I became frustrated.

    And so, I think it's time that I left.

    I may come back sometime. I hear that some form of land protection is in the works by the dev team, so maybe if that really works out, then I might come back. I also feel some regret that I wasn't much of a part of the EMC group. I felt like I didn't have the time to connect properly with the people here, so maybe I'll come back when I have more time to dedicate to a community like this.

    But as it is, I bid you all adieu. It's been fun meeting some of you, and I wish this server the best. Hopefully this thread will influence the staff towards making the decision to make the Frontier a safer place in the future, and maybe will spare some people some heartache as well.

    Good luck and happy building, Empire members!
  2. The first thing is spawners can be replaced by talking to Senior Staff. The 2nd comment is that don't leave just because of griefing. I mostly get the items I need and put it away on my residence or in my ended chest. Don't leave this community just because of this, it can all be fixed and it can be fixed faster is you seek help from members that is why we are a family/community.
  3. Did you ever catch the griefers?
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  4. Mobius, if you're still going to look at this thread, you should know that staff is really concerned about these things. That is why the development team is working so hard on changing the way outposts are done. It just hasn't been finished yet, but soon there will be the ability to have a safe zone all to yourself in the frontier where you won't have to worry about griefers. If you look at the home page of the forums you will see the future updates and descriptions of what is to come. I think this is what you are hoping for.
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  5. So sorry that you got griefed! I used to live out in the wild, so I remember the pain. Hope you come back and give EMC another try someday!
  6. This is another reason why the land/empires should have come before dragon tombs. The amazing players that build amazing things, and then get griefed. The builder spends more time fixing not building and enjoying the server. Don't worry I have experienced this, I got really mad when hours of work got destroyed. Good Luck finding a server that you like, and I hope to see you come back. ;)
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  7. A Empire member from smp7 (My home server) is leaving!

    I am not prying you back with my metal hands... But all members should be treated with respect if they decide to leave or not.

    EMC as we all know is working on a way to fix griefing, it's not done yet of course but it's in the works. I would of loved to see your builds :)

    I know it's not fun being griefed either. I used to play on faction/raid servers you lose everything you built to have a faction (If your base was found). You know in those kind of servers you are expected to be blown up at any time.

    EMC provides a Towny experience unlike any other server out there. They offer a world filled with mining, a world with large outposts, and town which is a hub of everything and a save haven for builds.

    Griefing isn't fun we all know. Don't just leave of a troll which wants your stuff worse than a creeper. Message a staff member if you have reports of greif. They can see who messed with that block and ban the rule breaker. I say is give it another shot at being here in EMC and build in town a while so you can have those pesky griefers away from your builds. :)
  8. Hope you decide to not leave, as wanted to clarify that the next anti griefing update is not a 'large' update, and should be done within a few weeks (or less)
  9. If you ever get griefed then go to GRIP {ShelLuser and co} and they will help replace items
  10. Wow, surprised and touched to see how many people really cared about one guy leaving! I actually was aware that there was an anti-griefing update in the works, although as Aikar pointed out, I didn't know that it would be completed so soon.

    Part of the reason that I'm leaving for now - and I think I briefly mentioned this - is that I simply haven't had the time to dedicate to being a part of the community here. I feel like if I can't contribute something back to the community, then maybe its time for a hiatus.

    However, after seeing everyone's comments, I'm not sure that I feel the same way as I did previously. I probably will still take a break from EMC for a while, but I definitely will be coming back. And when I do, I'll be laying into EMC with a builder's fury! I'll be coming back big, that's for sure. :)

    So, all this to say that this is now just a temporary adieu...I'll be back again soon! Thanks go to everyone who posted and convinced me, especially Aikar and FoxyRavager.

    Happy building!
  11. He said items are not the problem. Time is much more valuable to him, and I agree.
    That doesn't change the fact that all of his hours went down the drain.

    I agree with the OP and personally, I wouldn't even think for a second to put real time and effort into anything in the frontier until there's a proper system in place for griefing (sorry but banning the griefer and nothing else serves literally no consolation to the victim who lost hours and hours of their building time - not even a refund in item or payment form can replace time).

    I think that you should reconsider and start building again once you can claim your land properly to eliminate griefing but in present tense, I'd have to agree with what you're doing here. So long as you plan to come back once a proper system is in place, I can't possibly blame you. Losing time is extremely frustrating.
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  12. Claiming land for an outpost isn't required for the Anti Griefing changes coming.

    The Anti Griefing applies across the entire Frontier (And maybe Wastelands... because you shouldn't be breaking other players things in the waste either.)

    Claiming is still recommended though, as that gives you political power over the area and rights to it once the outpost system is completed.
  13. Clarification: We don't want to encourage players to build any permanent structures in the wastelands though. Wasteland resets are still going to happen.
  14. So if all builds in wasteland become protected, how will you keep people from building all around spawn to block people from getting out?
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  15. A certain person did this in the past with lava walls in the frontier, they were delbt with at the time. Similar action would be take against anyone blocking in the wasteland spawns.
  16. I guess my point is that we would just be exchanging one type of hassle for another. Instead of removing blocks, trolls will be placing them around peoples builds and around the spawn staircases to annoy others. Perhaps the waste could be reserved for getting resources, and let people have protected builds in the frontier(wild) and town. I just think too many people would abuse this.
  17. 72volt rings a bell when you mention this, not sure where I heard the name from
  18. I don't think Volt actually went through with it, though...
  19. And this comment is somewhat aimed at you but also the whole community: GRIP. If you get griefed then let us know, we can replace a lot of blocks and if we can't (because we don't have 'm in storage) then we have enough rupee resources (see thread: approx. 1.6 million) to either buy them for you or simply hand you a payout so that you can buy them.

    But also: report, report, report. Always get staff involved, it's the only way to make sure that griefers are dealt with.

    I disagree.

    I think it's time we (GRIP) start another awareness round and I really hope you'll reconsider now that you learned about some of the options you got. Don't let a bunch of <censored> ruin it for you. I know it can be demotivating, but yeah; there are a lot of players willing to help you out if you need it. Including with the optional rebuilds.
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  20. Though I didn't know you, it's always a shame to lose a member, and you will certainly be missed.

    That said, we as staff members do our best to deal with ALL griefers that we are able to catch. If you are griefed and report it, some staff member will immediately assist you as best they can in making sure that you get justice. However, we can't predict when griefers are going to strike. We have no way of knowing what's going to get griefed when, and once something is griefed, we don't have an infinite pool of items to replace yours. So to put it shortly, while we appreciate you looking to improve the Empire (as that's always a good thing!) there's not really anything more we can do to prevent griefs until Aikar's update comes out at the moment. It's not that we don't care; it's simply that we aren't mind readers.

    Anyway, I am sorry that you've gone through so much trouble over your time in the Empire, and I hope to see you return again some day soon. Until then, best of luck in your endeavors. :)
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