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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by ajmyers34, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. So ....once again has happened ! Someone (probably using an x-ray mod) has discovered and looted/greifed our wild base. Having seen the newest Server announcement regarding theivery and greifing in the Wild ...this person chose to disregard that and help himself to whatever he could.

    Another Enchantment set-up, Wart farm, Anvil and other misc. items now gone ! For the Record - this person is either tracking activity, or has Xray capability. My money is on the Second- and also the MANY chests I chose to lock. There is NO FREAKING WAY anyone could POSSIBLY stumble upon our lastest set-up. This new location - as a DIRECT RESULT- of our last encounter, was certainly NOT easily found ....IN FACT .... NO ONE was in the area as I was there until some 8 hrs ago now.

    The lack of Staff on any given Server at any given time certainly make it tough to identify, catch and PUNISH those who continue to be A-holes ! I have yet to be reimbursed from our last MAJOR robbery! Thus leaving my partner and I S.O.L. !!!! I am PISSED !!!!! and that is an UNDERSTATEMENT !

    I deserve and demand RESULTS ! This is my LAST STRAW with this server !! What once as an enjoyable place to play multi- server has now become a Chore and daunting task. The diffuculty of the Wild is HARD ENOUGH without having to deal with this Bull SHeet !!!! That's right ...I said it ...BULL SHEET!

    SMP#3 ......Ajmyers34 ......Map coords to be given for RETROBUTION !!!!
  2. Once you calm down, take some screenshots and report it, AJ. I just got done spending about an hour doing the same for my place. The staff will get it sorted out.
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  3. I would suggest moving much, much further out.

    I am sure the staff are doing all they can about this. But staff do not reimburse anyone's loses.
  4. WOAH, you said bullsheet, so bad...

    Look, its not the staff's fault that you got griefted, so calm down.
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  5. It is hard to be calm about these things. How I know..

    He has a right to be upset. This is a huge EMC problem who's solution is just sitting on the back burners while we play around with minor and or cosmetic things.
  6. The staff don't have to be on the servers for you to let them know about something like this. There's this little tool called Square that they use that allows them keep very close watch over every server and every report that comes in. Gather some evidence, then start a PM with a staff member explaining the situation. (Also, they aren't allowed to give you any items that were lost or stolen in any way.)

  7. The best thing I can reccomend is move even further out and use the EMC Investigator.
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  8. The griefer was banned, sorry you lost your items.
    Also, I gave you 5,000 rupees. I doubt this covers everything, but I hope it helps.
  9. Problem solved! Now calm down :)
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  10. ^^^This. You are way too close to an outpost. Way too close. Also, dont make your base such a beacon on the map for when you arent traceable on the live map (not in game). I suggest getting iron membership and using /map hide.
  11. First of all, there is no need to be raging like that. I suggest being possitive, repairing the damages, taking screenshots and trying to catch the griefer, maybe using the EMC Investigator.
    There are and there will be griefers in the Empire always, but you must be patient and positive to catch them while they're doing bad bussinesses.
    Also, grammar PLS!

    The problem was solved before I posted this :p Sorry
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  12. Thank you !!!!! Of all the multi-player servers I have been a part of ....this one, BY FAR, has the most relaxed staff/policies of any ! Is this the trade off for lag-free play? To have a "staffer" on site just now, and to get NONE of the LOGGED items re-placed in their original state ......easily enough done using /undo, or the logblock/rollback features, is disappointing.
  13. Well, its because it can be abused. Someone can take apart their base, put the parts into their backpack, and say it was greifted, and get free stuff.
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  14. Do us all a favour and learn some manners. :)
  15. Indeed.
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  16. Your griefer has been banned, and the same advice you got before (that you didnt listen to) has been told to you again. Also, you have gotten some rupees from Crazy. Thats more than what most servers would do for you.

    Edit: I would also be willing to give you some dirt if you lost any. Lol.
  17. WOW !!!! this is some result ! I appreciate the pseudo-retrobution fact ANY is better than ewhat I have received in the past. The more important issue here is the method by which this person found this spot . In my experience, CLEARLY X-ray at play here! I know xray digging when I see it, and our camouflage was TOP NOTCH.

    For Empire to continue with their success, they would be best suited to look into the anti-xray MOD that is avaiable now to catch these cheaters in the ACT and to be banning them instantly ....and PERMANENTLY!
  18. I suggest leaving thread
  19. How about you just leave EMC and go find a new server, as it seems were not good enough for someone of your nobleness.
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  20. There are xray mods that can get by absolutely any camo you use.
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