Large Territories on SMP2

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  1. So I was on SMP2's live map and as SSRC's Territory has expanded I've wondered about how the dynamics of owning large amount of res's looks like on SMP2. So I incorporated 4 large territories on SMP2 and if I forgot to include some res's I'm sorry.

    This is a discussion about how the community thinks about this. It's not meant to judge or hurt and people so please don't do it. I just thought it was interesting and kinda cool how some people have developed their own Empires within the Empire.

    I want you to post pictures of your own Empires you've made on the Empire before Empires comes out.

  2. Wow we have grown HUGE!
    I also do notice krysyy has all the spawn lots and the lots around the park hmmmm
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  3. You forgot about me...
  4. Ah, but the /park is still mine.
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  5. Ugghhh 87 residences and have only 12
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  6. lol I'm sorry I only knew of 4 large districts? where is yours?
  7. Wow that is some really nice Pixel Art! and 12 res's isn't bad an no one owns 87 it's split amongst 4 people lol. Also I applaud you in getting a symmetrical district. *applause* :)
  8. I had to move out of smp6 to do that. Finch wasn't allowing my claims :p
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  9. Lol I'm too in place to move XD
  10. I wonder If I use my brother's account to get 16 reses :p
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  11. Between SSCR, Alex, and kryssy's little bits of land is what I like to call downtown smp2. ;)

    I'm grateful that my measly two residences in that picture makes a noticeable appearance on the map =P
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  12. Congrats on your empire before empires were a thing! I'm happy with my 4 res's on smp8, and the melon and cactus auto farms on my town roads. Yay free stuff for everyone!
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  13. Wow....i forgot I still had the residences around park. They were planned to be this giant community build thing before someone (cough simon cough) refused to give up his spawn plot =P
  14. Geez and I thought having 6 together was neat xD
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  15. After four you need more
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  16. Lol and I see you didn't include ignoramoose residences in there except his first at the hotel.
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  17. If you have 4 in a square can you remove the roads? I see some without roads going through them.
  18. Well if SSRC and i could clump all our reuses together that would make a 4x4 area thats 32 residents just with us! =P
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  19. Yea I totally Forgot, I knew I was gonna make mistakes lol. I just thought it was cool how us a members have made our own Empires within the Empire. :)