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  1. Okay, so my parents have (finally) warranted me to buy myself a laptop. I'm looking for suggestions! I have a relatively large budget because I have been saving up. I would not like to spend more than $800, but if I need to and it's worth it I can spend up to an even one grand. I am NOT buying a MacBook. (Then I'd have to partition it and it would be a horrible pain ugh) It also needs to have decent specs, and at least 16 GB of RAM (This is a MUST for certain reasons). I have seen the surface tablets and they don't appeal to me, so please don't recommend one. I will be using it for both gaming purposes as well as school and NSA internship work.

    Who has some suggestions for a laptop model for me?
  2. Mac Book Pro!
  3. PC Book Pro!
  4. I have a Toshiba and it has been a great laptop for a low price.
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  5. Ewww macbook pros
    You want a slow computer that can easily break with falling a 5 in drop? Do you want a computer that is basically buying the price of the titanium casing for a stupid apple logo?

    Yeah didn't think so....

    What I have now is a Hp ProBook 450 G2

    This isn't what I have with my computer but it's close. I have a quad core and I just have 4 more GB of ram than this one. I also downgraded my 8.1 to windows 7.

    It's a spectacular machine
  6. Gaming laptops >.>
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  7. Are you serious? MacBooks Pros are the direct opposite of slow
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  9. With a budget this big, you should just it a small form factor desktop.
  10. Whatever you do, use your old one to research the new one.
    It's like making it dig its own grave!
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  11. Look at some Lenovo's from what I have seen its a good brand :).
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  12. I understand that macs are very nice computers but I don't want one at the moment. I know they are fast etc. but I can get more for my money with a PC as I don't want the Mac OS. Trust me, I have grown up using macs and I love them dearly but I stipulated in the OP that I didn't want one. ;)

    All of my gaming thus far has taken place on Windows running on a Mac desktop. =P

    Thank you all for the suggestions, I will take a look at them. Although I really do want a laptop as I plan to take this to college and I can't exactly bring a desktop to class. ;)

    Edit: I really like the one Finalysm suggested, it meets all my requirements and has good specs, and free Windows 10 =P
  13. Get an Asus ROG
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  14. I game on a Mac.
  15. MAC A ON PLAY I.
  16. Arent most ROGs around $1000-ish? I know mine was around that price.

    But hey, if your willing to spend that, ROGs are great laptops, they run smoothly and usually run Most games at around 50-60fps (for me at least)