Laptop problem

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  1. Did it work?
  2. No. :p
  3. Carrot, I put a screw back in the wrong place and now I broke something. :( :mad:
    I will try running it with the CMOS battery from an old laptop before bringing it to the repair shop, does that sound good?
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  4. Try that… also, who’s Carrot?
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  5. Carrot's his (replacement for a) swear word. :D
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  6. I couldn't get the screws in my old laptop loose and my houselord, who probably could, is occupied today, and probably tomorrow too. The annoying thing now is that I don't want to turn off my laptop during the day, as I need it a lot and it will take a long time for it to start (on average), and I also think that the problem might reduce its lifetime. However, I have another problem which is that my laptop's screen turns on automatically. This wastes power, and I don't like to have it in my view always either. Oh well. First world problems.
  7. You can set the shut off times to a very long time, and then change the screen shut off time to something shorter, so it'll stay on with the screen off. :)
  8. I just realised that I could set 'close the lid' to not set it to sleep mode, that will work. What you say is what I already have. In fact, I have the power button set to turn off the screen, but this morning it always turned on again. Right now that doesn't happen, which is really strange as I haven't done a reboot. Other strange things do happen, though: just now I pressed the power button, but besides turning off my screen it also locked it (so showing the login screen) and booted my external HDD, which was connected but inactive.
    Computers these days are too complicated, they get so unpredictable... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. It seems to the repairer that the mainboard is the problem. :(
    It's very disappointing. I think that means the motherboard, right? It got replaced two years ago.
    I hope I don't have to get a new laptop yet again?... I was intending to keep using that one for three more years and then finally go back to regularly using a desktop.
  10. I see I didn't post here that interestingly, the repairer thought to have fixed the issue some weeks ago, but then when I got home the issue was still there. Then when I went back with it he couldn't reproduce the fix.
    He said he wants to try to put another battery in it, but it hasn't arrived yet, I guess. I hope he can do it soon, so that I can set up my new laptop (you can see I've lost most hope :p) before the new year starts.
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