Landscaping Contest - Voting Thread

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  1. yay im 8th in smp3
    Very good
  2. Squizzel the difference is, there is more room on the first pic then the second
  3. The only way i can keep track right now if for players to enter their username If i get multiple entries from one user name i delete all the entries from that user name and anyone who doesn't enter a name gets deleted as well. As for what user name is entered i check them all on the site so if its not legit i delete it if it is legit and someone else used it I cant really do anything.
  4. just so everyone knows never ever use imgur lol ive had more problems with it for this contest than is acceptable.

    sorry to the people who pics were messed up from it.
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  5. Well, for the next contest it would be great adding a name & password system, as anyone (including me) can just take the list and vote himself again and again....
  6. Hey scar!!! Good job on the competition. Thank you for volunteering your time. I look forward to the next :)
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  7. yeah jano07 im working on something for that if i run more contests its not really easy though heh

    and thanks mrfistersr

    Also Contest Voting ends tomorrow morning so if you havent voted now would be the time to do it
  8. I'd just like to say that, like some of the other contestants in here, I feel that the screenshots for my entry were poorly done. You omitted 2/3 of my landscaping, and your texture pack harms the look of what is visible. I even gave you a link to a thread I made about my res, which included several pictures.

    Another portion of my entry was underground and not yet open to the public, but will be soon. Instead of asking for access to this, or requesting that I post pictures, this part of my entry was ignored.

    In the future, I believe contests should only link to contestant's own pictures/videos. That will solve the issues that were present in this contest. I know I'll be explicitly requesting that treatment in any contests I enter in the future.
  9. voting has ended now right when are we gonna see the results
  10. yay i'm winning
  11. I didn't have any technical problems with imgur, but to keep track of every specific person's entries I had to create a new album every single time. When they wanted me to add and delete photos it was kind of a pain. I didn't have any alternative, though, so I had nothing to recommend to you : /

    As for the people complaining about the quality of their screenshots: you were allowed to submit your own. In fact, it's recommended, because only you know exactly what you want screencapped, what time of day, what texture pack, etc. Scarligmione has a lot to take care of, remember that he has dozens of entries that he has to update. When you're trying to take a screenshot of every entry and you run into problems with the residence permissions, or you don't know where the entry is, you don't know what the entrant wants specifically, it's not the right texture pack, or it's not the right time of day, etc, becomes difficult and tedious. It looks like he's done a great job updating everyone's entry and taking care of each entrant.
    Congrats to those who won! All of the entries look awesome!
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  12. Sorry for the delay the contest voting is closed Creating the post for the winners now
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