Landscaping Contest - Voting Thread

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  1. yeah im working on it sorry bout that
  2. i voted for d1223m and also would like to see the automatic cow breading machine when its done :)
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  3. SMP 3 was hard. An overall winner would be extremely difficult. Good Job everyone.
  4. my vote goes to squizzel_boy! am i voting in the right spot?
  5. no you dont
  6. Scarligmione you should really put "vote here" somewhere in this thread. Maybe 3 times in your first statement? I'm just thinking out loud. Lol :p
  7. Good Idea Vivid. ok added some major VOTE HERE signs on the main post
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  8. Good luck to everyone and good luck on getting the Viewing vote page Scar ;)
  9. The pics of my res are not recent, they were before i completely finished my res. Here are some more recent pics that i took.

    2012-02-24_17.02.14.png 2012-02-24_17.02.32.png 2012-02-24_17.03.36.png 2012-02-24_17.03.52.png

    I really would suggest just going to smp2 and checking out my res though... it's hard to get a feel of how big the tree is through pictures... My residence # is 3608

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  10. oh sorry tanner with the site going down i forgot to update your pics

    also everyone i fixed to vote results page it should allow you to all see it now for those that were asking
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  11. Sorry, i didn't notice it was at wild xD
    Dumb mind ;P

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  12. The one in the video is a wild project u do know that?
  13. yeah he even stated it was in the wild the video is of his tree and fountain and walkways
  14. I think all of the entries and really good! And I just wanna congratulate everyone even if they don;t place, caus ethey all realy are nice (-:
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  15. aww half of my pics didnt get posted... :( and the ones that did get posted should be at better angles. the res looks better than in the pics
  16. SMP3 FTW!

    (is that getting old yet?)
  17. Yeah i only got 1 shot and it looks worse than the res actually is
  18. Smp1=Eclipsys
    Smp4= -
    Smp5= -
    Smp6= -
  19. You have to click the link in the first post to vote not reply here