Landscaping Contest - Voting Thread

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Suldrak, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Voted squizzel on smp2.
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  2. Yeah xD Like for you xP
  3. scarli i liked the texture pack used to take pictures on the ingur site plz send me the link of the texture pack because i liked it if possiable send the link on a conversation ty i vote for (tecuya) smp4
  4. I have to say my island looks nicer with the default texture pack rather than the one he used :?
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  5. Yeah I know d1223m I already did :)
  6. i built a nether but i guess no pics of it. and i added coal ore to my hill. itd have been really nice if those had gotten posted
  7. I like how still people write their votes in this chnl + people still asking for entering the cntest after it is over already. ~.~ Kind of ignorant
  8. There isn't a difference :/
  9. Guys for the pick i took i used Sphax PureDBCraft sorry if you didnt like it but I use it for everything mainly because its nice and still looks like a game. Sorry Squizzel but if you want other picks you can take em and send em to me heh.
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  10. :) I already have a landscape as a garden before this contest started so i wanted to see how much people like it. Seeing i was 4th in smp2 ( So far ) Makes me happy :p
  11. Zabriel just put trees behind his house..... I spent half my mponey on this landscape and trees behind a house beats me... i give up.
  12. I agree that Blooddisciple's screen shots are a terrible representation of his res. He has beautiful towers all over the place and you took pics of the flowers? Weird.
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  13. Just a question as I am interested in the different types of voting online systems...

    How does the system check the id from the voter? As I can see, anyone can go to the voting document, enter a valid nickname (picked from the players list) and vote himself, repeat it again and... ta-da!

    I hope to be wrong...
  14. I'm ok People can look for themselves
  15. aaaw why did i have to be on smp3 ... it's so tough competing here :)
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  16. I think people should stop criticizing the screen shots tbh. If you aren't happy with your screen shot I think the better way to solve it would be to Privately tell Scar. :)