Landscaping Contest - Voting Thread

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  1. Landscaping Contest - Voting Thread

    Ok Voting has officially started at 645am PST Tuesday Feb 21 (Which Means the contest is Over, No more entries will be accepted). Thank you to all of our entries I wish you all great luck in the up coming judging, and thank you in advance to everyone who is about to pass their judgement on the creation showcased here. Please be gentle lol :p.

    The first 50 (rule abiding) voters will receive 50 rupees from scarligmione as an incentive to vote!
    To vote for the 6 servers' top entries, follow the instructions and complete the survey here.

    • For each server, the person with the most votes will receive first place. The runner-up will receive second.
    • You are given 1 vote for each Server. You can Vote if you are participating in the contest however you can NOT vote for yourself.
    • Voting ends Tuesday Feb 28 at 10pm PST
    • You must Type in your Username where it ask or your votes will not be counted
    1st Place: 8000r total per category winner per server
    A 1st place signature badge for what server you got 1st.

    2nd Place: 4000r total per category winner per server
    A 2st place signature badge for what server you got 2nd.

    Best Non-Supporter Creation: 6000r total to one non-supporter, for the best creation.

    Remember you can Vote HERE
    Check Out the Contest Voting HERE
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  2. Can we vote each day or just one vote?
  3. Smp1 Eclipsys
    Smp2 TannerT
    Smp3 Hasorko
    Smp4 Annih
    Smp5 jefffire
    Utopia Jabrzer0
  4. smp4 owned_emil99
  5. Smp1 apamment
    Smp2 Squizzel_boy
    Smp3 Makrom1(duh)
    Smp4 tecuya
    Smp5 Shonna00
    Utopia Jabrzero
  6. guys your supposed to fill out the form linked in the first post and you're not allowed to vote for yourself
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  7. It specifically said that you cant vote for yourself.
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  8. Its all in Dutch!
  9. Ik i went vote in that section and didnt vote for myself
  10. Guys you have to click the link and Vote there and you can only vote 1 time not 1 a day jano07
  11. Scarlig to see the vote you need access rights to that document of yours. So you have to give those rights out manually I guess :S
  12. ah i see well ill tweak around with some settings see if i can get it working
  13. *bump*
    so this isnt forgotten after the downtime
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  14. How many days will the voting be? Like 2 more days or 2 more weeks?
  15. Third bullet.
  16. Thanks a lot over read this
  17. OK guys since the website was down fora lil over a day I have extended the voting Deadline to Tuesday. Have fun voting and good luck to the contestants.

    Also to vote please click the link up in the thread
  18. Also fix the result viewing. Ask Amadai if you can't get it working, think she had it working in the last contest.