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  1. Hello everyone! I am back with Kyle Vouchers v.2!. Nothing special right???? Well...... I sell supporter vouchers! People who I have sold vouchers to have been very satisfied with my vouchers.

    Remember I restock Weekly

    OLD Prices:
    Iron: 35k
    Gold: 70k
    Diamond: 140k
    Iron: 30k
    Gold: 60k
    Diamond: 110k

    What are Supporter Vouchers?:

    My vouchers are made from the finest of my credit card
    I have learned from my mistakes at and will fix it.
    How to be eligible for a voucher:
    Reason: I want to give other people a chance.
    Reason: The comments were spammed and people were impatience

    In-Game Name?:
    Type Of Voucher You Would Like:
    Delivery?(Res Delivery or Mail or Pickup)
    Have You Paid?:
    Anyways, happy shopping!
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  2. IGN: TigerstarMC
    voucher: 1 dia, 1 gold
    Delivery: mail
    Have you paid? About to
    EDIT: Just realize you only have gold, already paid :p So could you get me the diamond soon?
  3. I won a gold one at jackbiggen's event last Sunday :D beat that... No credit card needed
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  4. Very easy to beat.
  5. I found a diamond one in /vault 3 last night :D beat that... No effort needed
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  6. My diamond runs out on the 1st, can I place an order now for that date or do I have to wait for it to run out?
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  7. Already called it D:
  8. Ima PM you.
  9. First come first serve but I might make a deal with you involving your infinite villager service :D
  10. IGN: galloping_zebra
    Voucher: Iron please
    Delivery:Mail please
    Payment: No, I will pay when I receive the voucher, plus 50r for a mail fee.
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  11. Don't break a marketplace rule
  12. I followed your first thread :) indeed it got a little...messy..., had a couple comments...
    Think these items may help you and others have a smoother transaction process.
    Or at least something to think about.

    1) Give a quantity of each type you have, and update often.
    2) Tell people an estimated delivery time. If they are paying you up front, that is just fair.
    3) If you are out of a type, update your OT to inform people what the 'wait' time will be.
    4) Let people know whether Alts are acceptable to get vouchers.

    #1 Would help people decide, if this is first come, first serve.
    #2 Would let people know when to expect things, from paid to delivery.
    #3 So people know not to 'wait-list' a type you are out of.
    #4 So people who are supporters, and have an not abuse your "supporters get bumped to the back of the line"

    Hope this helps you! Good luck!
  13. Posts cleaned up, a reminder to all to not post on other people's services purely to complain attack their service :)
  14. Iron Please
  15. In-Game Name?: SkyDragonv8
    Type Of Voucher You Would Like: Diamond
    Delivery?(Res Delivery or Mail or Pickup): Male Mail
    Have You Paid?: Yes
  16. In-Game Name? darwinpaws
    Type Of Voucher You Would Like: Diamond
    Delivery? Mail.
    Have You Paid? I'll pay 110k when you have the voucher ready.
  17. Great news for all of you! ICC Is approving it ATM! For now PLEASE read the full topic.
  18. Can you make the old prices with a line through it, I find it a bit confusing and such.
  19. I was pretty sure it was impossible to miss the giant notice everywhere. You have proven me wrong.
  20. Thank you for your needless sass. There is exactly 1 normal size sentence stating no wait list. A simple quote from the OP will do next time. Strangely enough, some people miss things sometimes, we can't all be as perfect as you :)
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