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  1. Sorry if you were looking for vault/stable vouchers but I sell supporter vouchers here.
    Hello everyone! I am Kyle. Nothing special right???? Well...... I sell supporter vouchers! I have sold vouchers to xHaro_Der, Todd_Vinton and canuckshockey. They have been very satisfied with my vouchers and I will be selling vouchers to you!


    1 Gold Sold to that Hamster in the comments!
    Remember I restock Weekly

    Iron: 35k
    Gold: 70k
    Diamond: 140k

    As I value my customers alot I can sell vouchers at a lower price but only if you don't have enough rupees(MUST SHOW PROOF)

    Not Enough Rupees Price:
    Iron: 30k
    Gold: 65k
    Diamond: 135k

    What are Supporter Vouchers?:

    My vouchers are made from the finest of my credit card

    NEW: Pre-Order Now to get 1st on the waitlist!
  2. I'll buy a gold voucher. :)
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  3. Better start saving up :p
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  4. As a moderator you get a -15% discount :p(JKJKJK)
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  5. Deal get on smp9
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  6. Nice prices! Just something I noticed, the discount diamond is listed as 5k higher than regular.
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  7. Typo..... :p
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  8. If you're going to incorporate a social enterprise element and offer discounts to poor players, why not raise prices for players who are rich and able to pay more?
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  9. That will be UNFAIR to all other players and I am doing this for charity(JKJKJK)
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  10. If you say so.
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  11. If you get one soon I'll buy an iron one
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  12. *post
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  13. I would like to pre-order Gold voucher please.
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  14. i would like a gold voucher ASAP pls :)
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  15. Gold for 70k please. :)
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  16. As a old staff you are first on the wait list and Only need to pay 65k
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  17. Someone mentioned in a post earlier something about unfair to all other players. I wonder who was it and if a word unfair has different meanings :)
  18. Wow, guess I overpaid when I got diamond for 200k. Please reserve a diamond for me, the lasts 50k and then 140k will be coming soon. ;)
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  19. Lol.... Boozle my man. The vouchers were only available using really hard stuff (Payment confirmations, etc...) back then so that's why
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  20. could I buy a diamond voucher in the nexy few days?
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