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  1. Has it really been over a month since I updated this???

    Update: November 11, 2021
    Sooo...we had some problems come up that we fixed, but I don't have pics because the problems weren't really the type you take pics of. We'll just say it's resolved, it killed a whole week of work time, and move on. So where were we?

    Ah yes, walls!

    WALLS! Almost every wall is up and some even painted with exception of the walls that house the pipes for water: the laundry room and the bathroom. Hard to solder copper pipe with a wall in your way.

    PLUMBING: Copper pipes in the walls. Pending one connection ran to the front of the house for a dog wash station. Toilet spots/plumbing installed and waiting to just plop the porcelain thrones on top. (they are currently hanging out in the "office") We bought the shower and it's ready to install.

    ELECTRICITY: I wired all the little outlets and we just need switches in. Tedious little things...but I made sure there are spaces for hdmi cables to be ran inside the wall and it to be set up all pretty.

    CABINETS: We moved the lower kitchen cabinets in and laid out the kitchen (needed for plumbing). We then moved them to all hang out in the living room as we painted.

    APPLIANCES: I bought a fridge. It took a day to go get it from the nice lady who sold it and bring it back, but it was a great steal of a deal (it may be sitting on the front porch just hanging out due to entry calculation errors on my part, but that's the joy of living in the woody area). Fun fact: my dad actually knew her family. So part of the delay was because he was talkin', lol.

    So what's next?
    • Dad found the wire to the main electric box he was looking for in his backyard. It's expensive so him just having it is good, we just couldn't find it. We'll be installing everything officially this weekend hopefully.
    • Plumbing needed one more fitting and we can pressure test it before sealing the walls up around it.
    • We picked out flooring, so we need to prep the floors for install (triple check for screws in the plywood sticking up, etc) and move all the big stuff around to get the floor done. Bedroom will be first, followed by the bathroom and the kitchen so we can install cabinets. Then we'll work our way across. It's gonna be a long day when that goes in.
    • After the flooring goes in, toilets go in, shower goes in, cabinets go in.
    • We need to run some skirting around the outside and trim a bit more. Build a dog pen for use intul we fix the big fence (when there)
    • We need to rebuild the porch steps a bit because we raised the house a good 6 inches and we've been kinda 'hopping' from the last step in (entry error for the fridge problem)
    • Install other appliances. We have a stove, so I still need to pickup a dishwasher and a washer/dryer stacking unit.
    • Closet rods/organization. Maybe some ladder item for the loft (though that can technically be later)
    • Then.....MOVE IN.
    Dad says we'll be in by Dec 12th. I need to give notice to my landlord by November 30th. We'll see if the timeline works out, but it's gonna move fast once flooring is in.
  2. P.S. I WILL get pics this weekend.
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  3. Nice updates... this is the perfect opportunity for living off the grid. You can get used solar panels for much, much less than new ones (like $120 for a 300w panel when they go for $300). The hard part might be installing them if you need permits and stuff. I would go with the battery route, too, so you can have more power than you need (to prevent falling back to the grid). Have the battery fully charge and then feed the overflow energy back to the utility company. :)
  4. Dad actually has some (he dabbles in things) but as discussed previously, not sure of tree clearance. We’ve discussed it and might do that for the barn at least.
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  5. this is really cool! is your dad some type of contractor or just really handy?
  6. Some of his first jobs were plumbing and similar. He also grew up in the country where you just have to do it yourself.

    So just really handy =)
  7. Update time (with pics)
    November 13, 2021

    Dad has been hurting a bit lately, but he felt good enough to come out on Saturday and finish the plumbing. (don't try this at home style)

    • Plumbing tested and after fixing a few connections, sealed up nice and tight.
    • Walls to the bathroom completed and hot water heater installed (I call him "bob")
    • More painting done (bf should be working on finishing Monday while I'm at work)
    • Moved cabinets into place, cleaned up a bunch of stuff we don't need and moved it to the barn.
    • Prepped for flooring to happen this next weekend hopefully.
      • I need to fix some connection points of the flooring. Finally found my fancy stud finder I'm hoping works for this or I'll be under the house playing marco polo with screws...
    Enjoy the pics!

  8. Update: November 15, 2021

    Bf finished painting while I was at work :love: :<3:
    All set to fix some floor spots and do flooring this weekend.
    (Paint near hot water heater "bob" looks discolored because cracks were still wet, they go away when it dries)

  9. Update time (and I remembered pics)
    November 21, 2021

    • Got about 2/3 of the way with the flooring done. (my body is hating me as a result)
      • 41 boxes purchased and my car was not a happy camper about it. Felt as though my axels were gonna break.
      • We put down liquid nails in some holes in the floor and have to let it set before continuing on Tuesday likely while out there.
    • Almost have the plumbing done. Looking forward to the ability to use the bathroom properly.
      • Personnel issues made a day task into a 4 day one...
    • Dad finished the wiring for the A/C and heater and wired the electric box.
    • Internet guy comes out on Tuesday to assess for connection location.
    Next up:

    • Dog panels for a temp fence
    • Dog door
    • Ceiling install
    • Finalizing plumbing and electric

  10. Your floor looks great, nice color too. Will you be applying a coat of polyurethane over it to seal it?

    What does "bob" think about the floor? Will he get to stand on it too?
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  11. The flooring is plastic vinyl and requires no sealant. (built in wear layer)
    Bob will not be standing on the floor. I have to trim a box around him and we'll build a cabinet to cover him up.
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  12. Update: November 23, 2021

    Finished the living room while waiting for internet guy on Tuesday.
    Minor snag with internet: we need a 50 ft pole to get signal properly due to surrounding trees in the area.
    Dad says we have a 40 ft one somewhere. Will either look into alternatives like cell signal-based internet for the meantime or will look into a pole installation. Might cause a slight delay in move-in though if we wait.
    Looking to get more done over Thanksgiving with my time off. Bathroom is next so we can finally install a toilet :D
  13. Looks awesome! It is strange to see a fan in the room since I put ours away over a month ago. Is the weather that warm there to need it?
  14. This has been an awesome project to follow! I am so happy and excited for you guys! You are doing GREAT and the progress is going so well! I know you're not sharing all the "behind the scenes" problems that arise and slow progress down, so when I say GREAT PROGRESS I am thinking of all those challenges you've overcome.

    Great work! Can't wait to see the completion!
  15. The fan is from a month ago and hasn't been turned on since. Just in the room because I had to move some items around. The house was actually quite cold because it's not insulated from the bottom so it pulls in the temp from the earth. With all the insulation from the top and sides, it then holds it for long periods of time. It was roughly 50F when we were inside yesterday and about 65F outside.
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  16. Biggest limitation by far has been time and people. I started a new job which has thankfully given me some half days to handle some minor things, but Dad is only available on the weekends.

    We're only technically at about 20 days of actual build time due to his unavailability or mine. And we're usually only a 2-4 person crew. (Dad and me every day, then dad's friend, dad's gf, my bf, my bro all switching out)
  17. Update: November 28, 2021

    • A/C & heat unit tested and good to go. Missing the remote so we're set to 68F currently.
    • Plumbing fixed and finished outside.
    • Sewer system tested and works well enough.
    • Floor in bathroom completed.
    • Floor in laundry completed.
    • One toilet installed. Missing hose connection, but it flushes with a bucket right now so progress.:p
    • Ceiling in bathroom installed.
    • Ceiling in laundry room mostly installed (ran out of material, but 20 mins more left)
    • Installed kitchen cabinets.
    To Do:
    • Install dog run and dog yard fence panels. Clean yard area of small thorny bushes.
    • Install dog door.
    • Trim in bedroom and living room. Bedroom likely on Monday.
    • Install doors to bathroom, closet, laundry room and bedroom.
    • Skirting around bottom (prevent escape of smart dogs).
    • Gravel in driveway to prevent cars/trailers from getting stuck when it rains.
    • Buy a dishwasher.
    • Buy a microwave.
    • Buy a washer/dryer.
    • Buy countertops.
    • Buy/repurpose a vanity and build a box around bob.
    Sacrificing Thanksgiving with the extended family was worth getting all the work done, but I am looking forward to seeing them for Christmas. We are getting super close and I could technically move in this weekend if the internet arrives and is working well enough. Thanks to Black Friday, I got a sale on a startup package to try so we're gonna give it a shot, but dad says we can install a tall pole if needed so I can get back to hanging with you all. :D

  18. Update: November 30,2021

    Giving my notice to the landlord/management company today! Best feeling yet.

    Purchased (thank you to Black Friday sales):
    • Washer/Dryer
    • Dishwasher
    • Microwave
    • Sink
  19. It must be quite the learning curve for you, unless you had this kind of exposure growing up. Place has come a long way from what it was. I bet y'all are proud.

    This is like a glance into my life at work. Every job is different, but everything in these photos at one point in time or another, I have either learned how to do it myself or gained some great experience to put towards the days, when I am working on my own place.

    There is so much you can learn here, and that knowledge is priceless because it'll never stop being useful, unless you plan on living in a cave. Possessing the knowhow to be able to fix things in your own house isn't exactly in abundance. So, at the very least, you've picked up on some good quality experience of the trade. :+1:

    Don't brush it off. A little knowledge goes a long way! :)
  20. I knew a little bit already because of just basic life issues (broken disposal, etc) and because I've helped dad with projects in the past, like turning a closet into a bathroom along with a series of remodels in the house due to flooding. He's had me help when replacing the heating element in my old dryer, disassembling and understanding the diagnosing of the problem too.

    The difference with this project is the lack of my brother in a good part of it. He's usually the right-hand man of my dad in these projects and with him busy with the twins, that responsibility fell on me instead. So yes, I learned a lot more hands-on about the projects involved and will be working to finish out the little details while living there too.

    My bf on the other hand, it's been a very large learning curve and he went from barely using a drill to helping install the ceiling and cabinets. I have the knowledge, but he still beats me in arm stregth.