Krysyy is taking over Mob Arena!!!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Tonight, July 14, 2015 at 8pm EMC time, Krysyy will be running Mob Arena.

    The reason this isn't just an old thread being bumped is because she runs things a bit differently.

    First: She speaks in third person.
    Second: The rounds are different.
    Third: The Mobs are a bite more....Krysyy-fied (and yes, she meant's punny)

    Now it's been a while since Krysyy ran a Mob Arena, but here is the Round Layout:

    Round 1: Anything goes (within rules).
    Prize = All drops + 500 Tokens

    Round 2: No items and no gear.
    Prize = All drops + 300 Tokens

    Round 3: Boss Arena Extraordinaire.
    Prize = FUN! (and a little birdy says Krysyy might lose her head(s) to those worthy)

    Krysyy will be in Mumble for entertaining shenanigans throughout the event as well.
    Community 4!
    Visit to learn how to participate.
    Depending on the behavior of those in attendance and if Moose drags Krysyy away from her computer, something else might happen after all rounds are complete....
  2. First

  3. Oh god im running for the hills....
  4. lol this seems so good but at the back of my head I am running away from fear
  5. Sounds like fun :)
    I'll try to stop by. :p

    *clears throat*

    I'm glad you're doing this, krysyy. It lets the community interact with you much more, and I like that. :) To many more rounds of krysyy-style mob arena deaths to come!
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  8. Oooh guess I'll be replacing Rainbowchin in the animation with Krysyy, nice nice.
  9. -boots up minecraft- I'm ready ^-^
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  10. Hmm... so... How do you become worthy of a krysyy head?
  11. I read the thread through the first time...

    I found it hilarious the second time. :p
  12. Im scared now..
  13. :eek: krysyy has taken over mob arena! what next? :p
  14. Sounds fun! :) Thanks, Krysyy!
  15. I don't know how to react to that >.>
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  16. It'll be 1AM, but I'll tag along for a bit, sounds like fun! ;)
  17. I'm a little terrified but will definitely be there. :eek:
  18. How long will it last....30 minutes? More? Less? :p
  19. How long can you stay alive?