[Knowledge] The University of Carthaga (UoC)

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  1. First University on Empire Minecraft
    smp4 outpost Carthaga

    Knowledge is freedom – Miles Davis (1989)

    The University of Carthaga (UoC) sets out to be a haven of knowledge
    and universal expertise related to Minecraft. In boards the wealth of
    information is organized by principals that put everything
    from Nether to End on display for everybody to explore.

    An initiative of the People of Carthaga

    The various areas of knowledge are organized in specific sections. The sections display every Minecraft item that is relevant to this board with signs explaining the essentials. Additionally there are outdoor areas for animal compounds, land scapes for biomes and plants and an aquarium for underwater live.
    Redstone lab
    Botany and botanic garden
    Zoology and zoo

    No universal knowledge without people. If you find one aspect of Minecraft particularly interesting and would like to open a board for it you can apply as principal. For now we can only accept members of the outpost Carthaga for this position. This is because of the missing wild protection. However, you can always apply and become a member first.
    Please apply for principal positions

    The University is arranged such that everybody can delve into the secrets of Minecraft and allows easy access to all relevant information. Come visit and take a stroll through the exhibitions.
    Perhaps there will be classes and certificates at some point.
    Soon to come
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  2. So...this is a work in progress

    For now, the building is finished! Many thanks to all the people that helped with that.

    Next comes the concepts for all the different things to put up. In the end I hope we can display every single item there is in MC.

    But this needs ideas and people :) Please post what jumps to mind when you read this and if you would like to help.

    Looking forward to your replies
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  3. reserved
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  4. Look really cool!
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  5. Wow, so quick and thanks :) Can you guess the styles I mashed?
  6. I want to say Greek and Roman but I don't think its right :p
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  7. Greek and Egyptian?
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  8. Yeah, it is right. The columns and the middle part of the roof is inspired by ancient Greek/Roman builds. But there is another style from another epoch related to the general shape, and specifically the corner towers.
  9. OMFG, the first visitor of the university
  10. Haha great one kaizimir!
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  11. This sounds awesome!
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  12. I would be happy to apply, except I am not a member currently.

    I am working on my own outpost at the time being, but once the full application is setup, I may apply to become a principal.

    (Is it possible I could apply, but just run a topic class?)
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  13. Thanks, I hope it will be :)

    Everything is possible :) Which would be your topic? Anyhow, for now there is a lot of forum work to do. Like:
    Find all areas of interest
    Which board to put what items
    How much space a board would take up approximately
    and so on

    Everybody please feel free to comment on this, make lists, suggestions for the different boards, share your MC tricks,...
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  14. I would help with the nether. I could do an overview, and then go into specifics like making it easier to survive, mining tips, and making the nether a safer place.
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  15. I walked past it once while it was being constructed out of boredom...
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  16. Yeeesh, that's exactly what we need: Input :D We will find a way to make the campus accessible to you. Maybe a separate list of principals, independent of Carthaga membership

    Did it inspire you? Would you like to gather information about something Minecraft related?
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  17. I thought it was some sort of mansion.....
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  18. Yes, it is a mansion. A mansion of knowledge. Hopefully soon it will be available to every player on EMC. And no tuition fees, promised
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  19. Kai, Redstone section needs more space for more contraptions :p
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