keep 911 and there sheep

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  1. all mods out there 911 is the best res ever why are you making him shut it down just because of a mob per res limit come on evreybody loves 911 on smp 1 players use valut to bring it to smp 4 5 6 7 8 9 utopia so please listen and let us keep the best res ever 911 and evrey body go to truthinore's page and leave a comment saying we like res 911 and there sheep
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  2. I'd rather have a lag free server, why not just have a few sheep of different colours and spend a little longer collecting wool? yes the price will rise but that gives those who have spent the time to collect it more of an incentive to keep going :)
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  3. without 911 i wouldent know what to say
  4. That is not a very valid argument. Keep maybe 5 sheep of each colour on your OWN residence, preferable somewhere near bedrock, and you will have all the wool you ever need, the sheep with a lag free server regrow wool faster than you can harvest it even with 3 of each colour. Public farms with hundreds of the same colour sheep as well as the rest are eating up the tick count meaning more sheep are needed to keep the same (if not lower even) harvest rate of wool.
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  5. 911 helped me build my res and stuff without it i would have barley any ruppes and if only 911 had sheep then the rest of the server would be less laggy so i hope any mods/admins would listen to this post
  6. well it wouldn't be fare to the other players if only one res was allowed to have sheep just make a farm with 5 or so sheep of each color like B4DMAN5IMON said.
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  7. evreybody is in pain on smp1 because of 911 closing we use it evrey day this is the best place we would kill are sheep and just use 911 if we had to
  8. 911 is closing? :(
  9. while that may be im sure that not "everybody" would want to kill their sheep and not "everybody" uses 911 on smp 1 really if you want you can make one of your own with a smaller amount of sheep than 911 and everyone will be happy because there will still be a wool farm just a smaller one that causes less lag. Not everyone has high-end computers that can handle area's like that im fortunate to have one that can handle most area's with a high amount of mobs
  10. evrey body would agree im on smp1 there agreeing evreybody goes there we talk about it evrey day

  11. It may have helped you yes, but now it is hindering you and causing your game play to be less enjoyable than it should be. You've been with us 179 days, surely you remember when the server ran at an almost perfect pace? I'm afraid that you are one voice in 1500 on SMP1 and they have not voiced an outcry such as yourself, as such it is assumed that they are fine with the cull of these sheep. Keep yourself a few sheep near bedrock and I promise you once the server has been sufficiently culled of mobiles you will start making more money than you ever did at 911.
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  12. my computer and internet is garbage and im perfect there barley any lag for me
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  13. I like 911 and I have used a lot of wool from there, but it also causes major lag. I would have been complaining about a long time ago if I my res was next to it. Like everyone else stated, just keep a small sheep farm.
  14. Think of the other players.
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  15. I recently confirmed the primary source of EMC's lag is from the animals in town...

    So we are going to be taking measures to prevent 1 person from single handedly negatively impacting all players on the server.

    Were going to be putting limiters in place, with about 150 per res max. This gives you room for nearly 10 of each sheep color... But as others said, once you get rid of the lag on the server, sheep regen faster and you don't need as many.

    It will still be perfectly doable to maintain a sheep farm, and I encourage 911 to not shutdown, and simply just lower the count.
  16. I agree! I've built a wool project or two, and I couldn't have done them without 911!
  17. I say grab a few harming potions and remove a bunch of sheep while leaving some.
  18. Well guys I have to complain. Someone near my res had an animal farm which lagged me
  19. I have also been on ress where tons of animal are there and lag like crazy. We would have less lag with this.
  20. but its causeing stress on us that its clossesing and truth says if he cant have the sheep he does now he will just shut evreything down we dont want that though we want free wool instead of paying 200r to eggify a sheep some players have so much stuff on there res that they cant fit a sheep farm of evrey colour and 911 is the only way i get wool or make money ever since this happend my money went from 4,600 to 640r (numbers might not be right but are realy close)