Kat's I Lilac You Event

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  1. What it is

    I have decided since everyone loves tons of flowers to hold a digging event for the community. 15 layers will be created and covered in flowers. You guys get to dig down into the layers starting from the top. Hidden within the many layers of flowers will be 25 special renamed flowers. At the end of the event you will be able to redeem these special flowers for prizes. Shovels will be allowed, so get your enchanting on!

    When it is

    This event will be held on Sunday, August 30th at 3:00 pm emc time to (hopefully) accommodate Americans as well as Europeans.

    Where it is

    This event will be held on my 2nd res on smp8 (17464).


    Prizes are currently as follows for each of the 25 flowers, but may change (for the better) as the event nears.

    Gold Voucher
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock
    Love Potion No. 9
    Emergency Snow Clearing Device
    2014 Empire Firework
    Stable Voucher
    Ham Hacker
    Vault Voucher
    2 x 5,000r
    10 x 1,000r

    Donations are absolutely not required, but if you would like to donate anything would be appreciated!
    Hope to see everyone there!
  2. Special Thanks:

    DubChef - Building/13 DCs of Lilacs/Gold Voucher
    NathanRP - DC of Lilacs
    cadenman2002 - 100k
    CodyGraw - 25k
    Keliris - 5k
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  3. Oh first
    Nice event :)
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  4. Nice event! I hope this doesn't turn out like lagfest 2015-- I mean, the slumber party event earlier this year. =P
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  5. Haha yeah, I was there. Hopefully not.
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  6. Awesome! You're very generous. I'll be able to attend. :D
  7. Nice - I really wish I could come
    Hope everyone else will have fun :p
  8. Well. I have a thing happening then, but I'll try to reschedule it. Also, I'm out in the nether on smp8, but I'll try to head back to town by then :)
    I reeeeealy want that love potion 9 :)
  9. Prizes have been updated
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  10. Currently donating another 100k. Good luck to all who might participate. :)
  11. Nice event. Ill try and make it not sure where I'll be but might in Paris airport then.
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  12. I came to dig, but do you even flower?
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  13. Prizes have been updated
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  14. Gold voucher has been added to list of prizes!
    Any other prizes you guys would like to see?
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  15. That's awesome! I won't be able to come, but thank you for doing this! :)
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  16. Got more flowers in so I'll get a screenshot or two up tonight!
    Thanks again to everyone donating :)
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  17. Prizes updated plus a screenshot from one of the many layers :)
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  18. Oh.my.goodness! I want to come to this sooo badly, this is right up my alley. But Sundays don't work for me to be able to be on emc T_T I might at least be able to donate some flowers for it though. Take lots of pictures for me please ^_^ and have a blast ~.^
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  19. I think I need the love potion for my promo collection :)
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