Justin, are you ok?

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  1. Sad news in Aurora Colorado. I'm just hoping you or any of our other members were not involved.
    It is sad what some people will do.
  2. Shocking and tragic.

    I may sound insensitive, but do you still want your second amendment?
  3. Did Justin move to colorado?

    Yes I completely agree with Aus on this, LOOK HERE people that started the "I wont give up mi gun" Thread! This is what happens when any Joe blogs on the street can purchase firearms!
  4. yes he did
  5. I don't want to turn this into a discussion on the second amendment, and my heart goes out to the victims of the shooting, but I have to say this: most guns involved with crimes like that are illegally obtained, aren't they? It's like the drug problem in that making drugs or guns illegal doesn't STOP them from being obtained. It just means that you can only get them through illegal means. That said, I don't see why most people would need to own a gun :p

    EDIT: Turns out that all the guns used in this attack were purchased legally. To be clear, I don't support the idea that people should be able to legally own automatic weapons, except in special cases. I mean, what could you do with them? Go hunting? I'd think that's overkill. On the other hand, I believe that handguns, hunting rifles, etc, while not necessarily anything I'd ever own, are reasonable to own in most circumstances.
  6. Sure they may or may not be illegally obtained, but what the US of A needs is tougher firearm laws in order to minimize the rate of occurrence of these sorts of instances. That being said, I will not debate firearm laws further. My thoughts are with those tragically lost and the families that now have to deal with this.
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  7. Honestly, I may know little about this tragic news since I live in Colorado. You know the world has many, many bad people. I was wondering if most of the admins and mods can build a statue to honor him. We will remeber him in our hearts... *cries*
  8. Very sad indeed. Justin is alright though, I can confim.
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  9. Confim?
  10. Whats the BIG deal. So Justin moved house. Will this affect the server or something?
  11. what happened???
  12. He owns it, if something bad happened show some consideration there would be no EMC without HIM!!
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  13. Wait wait. Im not saying that. What will happen to Justin with moving?
  14. There was a shooting in Colorado near the area where JustinGuy moved. THATS the big deal.
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  15. He already moved it just we were worried something had happened to him since he lives near that area
  16. Sorry, I wasnt aware of that. Sorry if I offended anyone. I live in Britain so i didnt have a clue about that
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  17. same i just checked my email on AOL and saw then :/
  18. Hey everyone, I am fine :) I actually only stayed in Colorado for a month. I am now living in the US Virgin Islands (St Thomas) where I am contracting for an energy company, and will spend the majority of the next year here. I will have an actual good place with decent internet on Sept 1st.
  19. Really good to hear that your ok Justin!