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  1. Today, as most days, i hunted down and killed a Marlix. I do this often, preferring to solo as i like to ensure my rewards stay mine. It turns out my instincts in this matter were correct as i just learned today that, if you kill a Marlix and someone who joined in unannounced, uninvited, and unwelcomed decides to take a couple lucky pot-shots at it, they are allowed to steal your drops from the ground right in front of you. This is true for any other mob including custom mobs and mini-bosses. I know this is allowed now because a mod not only told me its allowed, but also told me that's its fair. It is also considered to be "causing drama" if you try to warn people in town chat that a player among them is prone to stealing your hard earned drops.

    I consider this to be unfair and quite alarming and you should too. Imagine your walking through the wasteland or frontier and happen across a custom mob or mini-boss and decide to try for some nice stuff. You fight it to the point of near death and suddenly another player appears, swinging or shooting at it. You manage to get the kill, even though someone else showed up with minimal contribution, and just when you go to claim your hard earned loot it's snatched from your grasp right in front of you by some random player that hardly did anything. You ask the play to give you whats yours and, as expected, he or she decides that they are entitled to your drops.

    Now, i don't know about you but, i figured if i get a mod involved, said mod would see the unfairness of this action and make the other player give you what you earned. However, as i stated above that is far from the case. In my case, the closest i got was the mod stating that "sharing is encouraged". This only means that if the other player wanted to, he or she could keep all the drops and staff would only support the decision of the player that picked up the drops.

    Now, don't get me wrong. I'm sure the mod was only doing as instructed by the rules so do not take this as an attack on the mod. This is simply a warning to other players. If you don't know if you can trust another player or mod, i suggest that you decide not to. If you do however, do so at your own risk.

    If you read this and agree, thank you for your consideration and remember to always watch out when other players are around. You never know when you will find a situation where you will loose whats yours to mod apathy and selfish community game play.
  2. The items aren't technically "yours". Yes you killed the mob, but you never picked anything up. The items are simply claimable entites that are in a chunk. I don't see the unfairness here.
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  3. Yeah, I agree. That seems pretty unfair
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  4. The person who did it is certainly a jerk, nothing is really fair in life though.
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  5. Agreed, the world is an unfair place. Some people play games to find a bit of escape from how bad life can be sometimes. I posted this as advice for those who would like to avoid similar situations so they can enjoy their escape.
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  6. I agree that it's unfair. I've seen it many times though. It would be nice if they could code it so that only the person who killed it could pick up the stuff for a certain amount of time, just like when you die and lose your stuff. It wouldn't solve if someone comes up and randomly gets the kill hit, but it would somewhat help.
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  7. I expect many to see it the way you do until it happens to them, still your entitled to your own opinion. Thanks anyway though, for your time and for weighing in on this matter.
  8. Its good that you said this on the forums, because who ever stole the item will feel like a jerk after reading all this
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  9. It has happened to me. Life isn't fair. That's what I told myself when it happened. Quicker you learn that, the better off you are.
  10. Agreed, i would like to see that change and that is, in part, why i posted this incident. I would however be lying if i didn't admit to posting this out of being upset by the matter.
  11. I'm sorry that happened to you :(

    Since the items indeed aren't technically yours, you can't do anything about it unfortunately. Sure, it's flat out rude to take the items from a fight you've done barely anything in, but that person is not breaking the rules in any way, so they'll get away with it. And that's indeed unfair.
    However, the best thing you could do here is to let it go, and wait for another Marlix to spawn. Being upset about it won't help you that much.
  12. It's understandable to be upset. It's annoying to work at something just to have it taken away by someone else. I doubt people would be okay with it as much if someone stole a nether star from a wither being killed, but it's basically the same concept.
  13. As i said in an earlier reply, I know how unfair life is. Its doesn't need to extend to greedy decisions made by members of a community that would most likely prefer to enjoy their gaming experience. That's all i really have to say and will abstain from further replies. If you don't get it, your not going and i expect other may not as well. I just ask that you try to respect my feelings in this matter as i will try to respect yours.
  14. I don't get what? Yes it is a greedy thing to do, but it really isn't unfair in my opinion. Nothing in any community is 100% fair, whether that community is real or not.
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  15. Nah, it's not your message but how you bring it. I am convinced of that. There is nothing wrong with warning other players about the risks, but there is a difference between that or: "don't invite player xx to hunt momie, he will steal your stuff!!" (no I was not there, I am guessing, but I usually have good hunches).

    Thing is: what makes you convinced that player xx will do so again?

    Don't let anyone (not even staff) tell you otherwise: that is unfair.

    There's also rumor ongoing that the devs. are trying to work on that.

    But please: don't be too hard on the staff either: how the heck are they going to proof beyond doubt that this happened? Easily said than done my friend.

    My take: share with your friends (in private!), including the name of said player. Also be sure to /ignore him once. Move on for now. But rest assured that some devoted players will keep this in mind!

    But I agree: technically that player seems to have been stealing.


    Official statement: agreed. Sometimes I also think the mods don't go as far they could go. Not to mention the way they explain themselves (OMG, did I criticize staff here?). But I also think they deserve a little more leniency. I don't know what you told 'm, I don't know what you asked, I don't know how it happened.

    I'm going rogue here....

    A usual drop from a custom mob is: Heads, shiney flesh, and optionally a vault voucher.

    You stuck your neck out, you sound, sincere, I'm going with my gut feeling here. I shall compensate you with one vault voucher, 3 zombie heads, one diamond, and some shiney flesh.

    Consider that a back payment for your story.

    Send through /mail later on.
  16. OP, I sympathize with you, and it certainly isn't fair. However, there's not much the rules, given what they are currently, can do about it. Rules cannot be easily applied for something like stealing drops, specifically because it boils down to splitting hairs.
    "But I did the killing hit, I helped him/her kill it"
    "But I didn't want the help and I did most of the damage"

    Basically, it gets messy really quick. The best preventative solution is to advocate for an improvement in mini-boss drop mechanics.

    "seems contradicting" -me. this was talked about and resolved in PM.
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  17. Can you explain to me how I'm contradicting?
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  18. I'm going rogue here....

    A usual drop from a custom mob is: Heads, shiney flesh, and optionally a vault voucher.

    You stuck your neck out, you sound, sincere, I'm going with my gut feeling here. I shall compensate you with one vault voucher, 3 zombie heads, one diamond, and some shiney flesh.

    Consider that a back payment for your story.

    EDIT: Meant to add to shell's comment. Shell, he fought a marlix not a momo. The gesture is very kind of you as always but he may have gotten a helm, bow or who knows.

    My advice and what I do when I want to go "hunting for mini boses is go way out in the waste. Less chance of that happening. I almost always avoid the ones close to spawn as I'm assuming that's where this occurred.
  19. That's my line!

    You're right!

    I'll replace the zombie heads with skeleton heads, the zombie flesh with shiney arrows and throw some bones in as well :)

    Now please don't steal my mojo :p
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  20. They actually meant to quote you (but didn't use the quote function), not steal your lines :p
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