Just another random example why EMC can -totally- RULE

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  1. Hi gang!

    What an evening....

    The evening started out more or less normal for me: come online, get PM'd a lot and chat about stuff in town chat and end up with some friends on your residence (Hi Tom!) to have some further chats with. Really cool and fun. In the mean time I got an inter-server message that Aya had finished an elevator on her res. and even managed to place 2 colored beacons. You go Aya! :p

    Oh, I can't mention inter-server messaging because it's not a thing yet(?), so lets pretend I never wrote that and instead focus on the obvious explanation: of course I knew what my alt was doing on another residence because obviously, she's my alt :D

    While chatting with Tom all of a sudden a dear friend of mine came online: Shiyvah. The next moment I told her about the recent updates, we went over her shop and Tom even managed to get a nice deal by buying stuff from a shop he didn't even knew was there :)

    Shiyvah, TomvanWijnen & AyanamiKun (oh, and me!) :p

    Shiy and me talked a bit about the old times, about how much awesome stuff Aikar has been doing here and exchanged some nice (and not so nice) experiences when all of a sudden... The Master of Boats came online: LBoss9001 himself! :cool:

    'nough said :D

    So obviously the topic at hand quickly moved from old times to something much more important: boats!

    Now... LBoss has a pet called Doney, who is very much accustomed to having a boat in his pen which he used to...well, boat in I guess :rolleyes: So the next moment LB decided to show Doney to us others in good ole Minecraft style: "Anyone got a lead I could borrow?" which automatically also means old fashioned EMC, oh yeah baby!

    (next 2 pictures courtesy of AyanamiKun, thanks!!)

    LBoss moving his animals around like a boss :p

    Who is who?! :D

    So now that LB made it back it was time to show what he and his donkey could do :)


    It didn't take long before we all got invited to LBoss' residence and continue our party, now with much more boats (and boat colored beacon too!)

    Then LBoss made an ice slide for the boats and we had even MORE fun. But that's a story for another time :)

    To me what you see above is a clear example what playing your way is all about. This was a lot of fun, we had an awesome time, and it's true: we could play our way. Moving animals around with a lead is fun. Sure; eggifying works too, but this was playing OUR way, remember?

    We chatted about dozens of stuff, even not so ontopic things. Didn't bother anyone, we played our way.

    And we still had time to greet new players, help some guys around a bit and in general died plenty of times from laughter :)

    This my friends is a prime example why I think EMC totally rules as a server!

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  2. lol.

    nuff said
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  3. Can confirm the ice thing

  4. ice + boats = new racing game :D
  5. Haha, nice!