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  1. This isn't really a creation idea...more like a great idea I had...

    I have too much stuff. Like...WAY too much stuff.
    My residence is stuffed with chests full of junk. I just wanna get rid of it (and earn a little rupees too)!

    So...I came up with this idea. Let me know if you like it.

    My idea is basically having a live auction on the empire. It'd take place on one residence. I would have lots of my stuff gathered, and I'd auction it off. People would be present on the residence, bidding in the chat. Example below:

    Stnywitness: Alright folks! We are now auctioning 10 stacks of wheat! Who will bid 600 rupees?

    <awkward silence>

    Stnywitness: 400 rupees?

    Bob_The_Builder: 400r!

    Stnywitness: Will anyone bid 450?

    Eviltoade: 450!

    Stnywitness: Do I hear 475r?

    <awkward pause>

    Stnywitness: Last chance! ... Sold to Eviltaode for 475r. You can pick up your 10 stacks of wheat in the storage after payment.


    So that's kind of how it would go. I still need to figure out how payment and pickup would happen, but it would probably be me placing an access sign on the chest or throwing them the item (if a small amount).

    There would be some promos involved in the auction, but most I believe would be farm items, armor, tools, blocks, etc.

    I would most likely have a small description of the items I'd be selling in the auction.

    This would be an event, maybe a weekly one, and I think it would turn out pretty good.

    This is almost like an Empire Minecraft Forum Auction, but it is much quicker. Players must choose immediatly whether to bid or not, and they don't have to wait forever to get their item after they've won.

    Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Concerns? I'd love the feedback! :D :D :) :D :) :) :D
  2. Sounds awesome! Always liked when an action was going live, would definitely check them out! One problem I see is that it maybe would be hard to have enough people showing up. Let say 3-5 people come to one of these events, it would probably only be who wants to buy what and it goes for the starting price. To get the real auction feel it would need a couple more, or maybe a few that are very hungry for stuff and glad to spend money, to come. And then the price can start to move up, and you get exited when you hear: 3, 2, 1 AND THE STONE SHOVEL GOES TO MELLE FOR 2000R!

    If it comes down to you hosting one of these I will do my best to attend!
  3. Only question I have is whether or not it is allowed in the rules.
    Never seen anything like this before.
    But i would be happy to attend.
  4. LOL, that's great. Thanks for the support of the idea! Right, I will have to draw in a lot of people somehow...
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  5. Yeah, that is partially why I started this thread. Cuz I am not sure if it is completely legal...
    But it seems kind of like it would be.
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  6. If I were to suggest to wait for a mod to come in and give some guidance. I think it would be slightly difficult but I could be made easier by having the items you’re auctioning in chests inside subzones to easily set access to the chests. That’s one option. Second could be to create a thread that has all the items you’re selling so that people can see what you are selling and then they can buy it from the thread so that you can have an easier time with the flow of comment(chats) to see who is wanting to buy what. I hope this helps with your decision and best of luck!
  7. Totally legal.

    It's been many a moon since I saw an ingame auction though due to the decreasing numbers of people since 1.8 and because people don't do enough to create interest.

    The main thing is to keep the auction in Res chat and follow the normal rules for advertising. Use some common sense to make sure you are not scamming anyone or being scammed (use the forum auction rules as a guide).

    A few things I would do.

    Firstly, make it a real big event. Do giveaways or games throughout the auction to keep people interested and to bring more. End it with everyone heading to /games for something (maybe arrange for the auction to be just before Firefloor). List all the items in your event thread (of course you are doing an even thread, you want people to come right?). Have each auction item in it's own chest, especially bulk items. At each sale, get payment immediately and stick a sign on the chest to allow them immediate access.

    If you like running the actual auctions, get someone you trust to do the signs/take payment for you while you run the events and auctions. It can be quite overwhelming and people like it to move fast.

    Most of all, good luck!
  8. Thanks for the info! :D
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  9. I have seen in-game auctions back when I played, but I don't think I ever saw anybody log in specifically to participate in one. The audience was made up only of people that were already in-game. And nowadays there probably aren't enough people online to make it that fun of an event... ;)
    So yeah, I would brainstorm for some ideas such as Baradar suggests! :)
    It sounds fun, anyway. I might like to check it out.
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  10. I too recall a couple in games auctions. Turn out may be an issue but that goes for any event. Holidays are coming soooo... may be more people online in the coming days.

    I think the easiest would be to preset all preview chests with the seperate auctions... then during auction all that would be needed is the access sign for the winner.

    Pretty sure it was sefl that had an auction res...
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  11. Ye, I remember a few live auction happening back in the day, although the players holding these kinda auctions stopped pretty quick since it was to few attending. As stated above, it would need a lot more people coming then what it used to. I like what baradar stated, make it a bigger event, or pre event. And not just put out 3-4 auctions. Maybe let more people auction out stuff., to get a little roll, or of course you can auction all yourself if that was what you wanted. You need at least the interest from the people. And I would not think it would work with every week, maybe once or twice a month?
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