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Will you miss me?

Absoloutly (give a reason below) 8 vote(s) 40.0%
Yes 3 vote(s) 15.0%
Probably 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No 2 vote(s) 10.0%
I havent met you 2 vote(s) 10.0%
I havent met you but i wish i did 5 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Ahh what a bit its been since i have written one of my own threads on here. I dont miss it, though, i only long for the good ol days of running around on emc, catching dreams with a bunch of internet strangers who i call my friends. I think its only fair, especially after me fellow captain hath left, that i give a formal goodbye to this part of my childhood life.

    EMC, ive grown up. As sad as it is to say, i have to leave. Minecraft certainly does nothing in my irl life at this point of time. I may return, though, just for good measure. It has made me more confident in my personality which was once "squashed" from my previous friendships and relationships of other sorts. I have matured over the past year and i have a wish that i pray you bless, to move on from my childhood into adulthood. Minecraft holds many of these memories of mine which i hold dear, so i will not be letting go. I came to this conclusion as i realised that i have no value for my in game items and buildings, much less rupees and supporter and staff statuses and roles. I am simply moving on, and i wish you all the best.

    It certainly is not necessary but i thought i might tell a bit about myself, just for good measure. I have blonde hair which has tainted brown over my almost 15 years of life. My irises resemble the bark of an old oak tree on a bright summer morning, all dry and cracky. I am short but i embrace that, im cute! Haha i might post a pic of myself if someone asks ;)
    Like everyone else i have family issues that keep me away from inviting friends over, but i maintain a generally steady relationship with many of my peers. I am glad for the amount of friends i have. I left my christian faith but i still attend church on some days by my mothers request, just out of respect for her own beliefs. I just broke up with my first boyfriend not that long ago because i longed for the feeling of being free again. Now i get to call whoever i want cute, lol. My favourite class is english and i am hoping to submit a short story to a competition which my teacher presented to me last friday. Keep up with my writing on Wattpad, my username is @CassandraHW i believe. Otherwise my account is following @Kaddrii lol. (I would appreciate feedback on any short stories which I submit)

    Well, thats my goodbye. I can try listing a few names off the top of my head but im sure you all know that i love every single one of you even if i havent met you. ESPECIALLY if i havent met you, because now you have to fill MY shoes. Can you do that? Lol

    At last, feel free to ask me questions below. In fact, PLEASE ask me questions below. This is my very last thread possibly EVER. Its a big deal, lol.

    TLDR, This is Cass's goodbye, ily, ASK ME QUESTIONS because i aint coming back probs lol.
  2. Good luck :)

    Do you like cats ;)?
  3. Goodbye, Kaddrii. You will be missed!

    I have enjoyed having you around and chatting with you, and I hope that you continue to carry your inner beauty with you wherever you may go. :) If you ever feel like coming back, I will welcome you again with open arms!

    What is your favorite memory from your time on EMC?
  4. Hate to see you go kinda.
    Snap me later :)
    Miss talkin to you
  5. We lost another one, I'm sorry that you're leaving Kaddrii, but I totally understand... :(

    We still have our Discord information if you are interested in chatting one day.

    I will definitely miss you because we attended some social events together on this server, and you were a fun player to be around. I'm going to miss you, but like with everyone else, we must move on.
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  6. Goodbye Foxy, thanks for being apart of the friend group during those shenanigans last summer, I am happy to have been your friend.

    The only question I have is, can you show us your face? :p

    Anyway, I hope you are doing well and you reach the goals that you wish to obtain. Please keep in touch, if not, that is unfortunate but totally fine.

    Thanks for the good times,
    ~ love Otus
  7. Yes, I have three of my own who have grown up over the past years. :)

    I'll miss you too, Moops, you were and will always be special to me somewhere in my heart. Thank you
    My favourite memory/memories is those small little things that I always loved doing with my friends, such as going into the wild with nothing or end and mining trips. They were very fun :)

    We saw it coming :( And for sure, have been busy getting used to school but I'll try to keep in touch ;) arent chloe and lucy enough for you, though? lol

    I love you for your understanding nature and mature stature, Joy. I will miss that, but like you said, we must move on. I'll keep in touch with some of you guys on discord during some of my classes :)

    I must say you would be on the top of my list if I had made one. You were certainly special, I was crazy, we were a good pair ahaha- I just have to keep in touch with you! (and oh god last summer oh myy god) lol
    I'm doing great- highschool's crazy but what's new? haha.
    Thank YOU for the good times. Couldn't have been better, my guy.


    I may be able to come online on Thursday to open my residences if I still have them on smp2 and yeet my rupees to my favs, so feel free to meet me then :)
    Also, I have two gold supporters and some iron ones as well I believe. You might wanna be there, lol
  8. Why? I don't get it, although I also don't know what you refer to with "after me fellow captain hath left", so maybe that's why I don't get it. Or is it a private issue?
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  9. I think by that line she is referring to MrzMidnight posting a goodbye thread.
  10. So long kaddrii, always sorry to see anyone leave, but also understand why.

    Hope you have saved any special memories in your vault, just in case :)

    Happy Trails to you.
  11. i'm gonna miss you so much >w<

    -do you play any other games / have any socials?

    also we probably need to figure out what to do with the regno outpost, hmu on discord soon

    farewell :D
  12. Thank you, and you know I do :) 13 (or 15, was it?) pages filled to the top :D
    You too :)
    Man you were so awesome, I'm so gunna miss our long building sessions :p
    I don't play any other games, no, otherwise I would have quit them too, haha! I do have snap, insta, and tiktok which I wont give away publically obviously lol, but I might give it to some people if they ask in PM. :)
    Definitely, and will do in my free time :D
  13. Are you not going to answer my question as to why you're leaving? :p I mean, of course you can leave if you want, there's nothing requiring you to stay, but I enjoy your occasional presence, and as long as you do too, I don't see any reason for 'formally' leaving. :p
    For example, on another forum that I used to be active at but am not interested in anymore I made a status update saying that I probably wouldn't follow the forum anymore, but that doesn't mean I can't log in again and check some new threads and make a few posts whenever I want to, of course. ;) But maybe I misunderstand you and you aren't intending to leave to never come back even for a few minutes, in which case: I'm glad. ;)
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  14. Ah, you look at it too literally lol
    I am simply leaving for the time being is all. As I said, I may come back. And I appreciate your presence too, I find you fun and amusing, a good friend :) And I thought I'd make a post of "formally" leaving to say goodbye, and to see who is still active and whatnot :p
    I didn't see your question, but I am leaving simply because I have lost interest in EMC and IRL has me busy with school and all. I intended to get that figured out and return but EMC seems to be on pause for the time being and many HQ players, my friends, have left recently. It's disappointing, so I hope the staff team gets their butts in gear if they have any motivation to keep the server going.
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  15. Oops. That's autism for you. :rolleyes:
    Ah, that makes sense. :) Thanks for explaining. I'm glad there's not a reason to want to be gone.
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  16. So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night
    I hate to say goodbye

    If you have one whats your favourite quote?

    Mine is
    It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer.-Albert einstein
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