Just a strange idea: A shared /vault page?

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  1. Hi gang!

    The weekend is upon us, I'm having a great time and while chatting and such I got this idea. The main drive for this idea is based on Aikar showing us a small MySQL count, basically saying that all our vaults are stored in a MySQL database. And that got me thinking a little bit.

    Please note: I suppose you can call this a suggestion, but I also know what kind of weird stuff I present here. Therefor you should consider it more like me sharing an idea than an actual suggestion. I think it could be fun, but I also think it might not be as useful as I think.

    So the idea is to allow 2 or more players to share a vault page.

    I'm not even sure how this would be executed but I'm thinking along the lines of /svault (Shared Vault). I could buy myself a shared vault page (/svault) for, say, 20k or 25k and then allow someone else to gain access to it. Giving access would cost me 1k (or something) and the other person half: 500r.

    Then whenever I use /svault I can access a regular /vault page which is the same for both players.

    Optionally I can assign more players to it. We'd obviously want a maximum limit.

    Finally, when I'm done, I could use /svault discard which would remove the shared page in its entirety. After which the process could restart.

    So; no multiple pages or such, just 1 single page but shared with several players. And one session each.

    I do think the purchase cost should be high enough so that using /mail send would be cheaper. But only in the shorter run. For building projects this would be soo extremely cool.

    "We need bricks soon"
    "Ok, I'll stop building and a shop, right back"
    (2 people keep on building)
    "Darn, only 1 stack left... We need to stop soon".
    "Oh wow, look: he found them! we're back to 5 stacks folks!".
    (this happens while the buyer was on a totally different server)

    (insert a drooling shell here) :)

    I can well imagine that this would be tricky, but I also think it would be one heck of a feature.
  2. At one point enderchests were going to be sharable. Although the idea didn't take too well and wasn't added.
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  3. That was because it would be misused.

    However, I do not see why this would be misused. +Slab
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  5. By misuse, I meant that you could have an alt grind 24/7 and put the materials in the enderchest and then the main account would benefit just by doing next to nothing.
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  6. +1, Pretty cool idea, I could definitely use a shared vault with my alt :D
  7. This would be pretty cool, but people would probably just use it to dupe. That would not be cool.
  8. First off: I wasn't aware of that Enderchest thread and I read most part of it in the mean time. Thanks for pointing that one out guys!

    True on both accounts, and I share your concerns. However, the main difference here is that an Enderchest can be used on the entire server, but the /vault cannot. This is only usable in the Town world. So even if you did share this with an alt I can't help think that the benefit would be near to minimal.

    Maybe I'm overlooking something obvious, but considering the fact that we can already teleport in town I don't see much differences between being able to transfer items from one account to the other using a theoretical '/svault', or by collecting them (optionally placing it in your personal vault) then teleporting to the other accounts location and handing out whatever it is you wanted to transport. It requires more effort, for sure, but it doesn't seem as ground breaking to me as it would be if we were able to access /vault outside of town.
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  9. I think this is a VERY good idea. +16,097 :D
  10. I like the idea also.

    Is the part about vaults being cross-server important to you? Maybe if these were not cross server that would make it less vulnerable to item dupes and therefore easier to implement.
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  11. Another good point. I had /vault in mind, so cross server, but I see no reason why limiting this to a single server would make the option any less useful. If it can prevent dupes then I'm all in favor. Note that when it comes to dupe prevention I value the opinion of you guys (players who have been on EMC longer than me) higher than mine. For the simple reason that most of you lived that previous discussion and I'm still reading it to catch up :)
  12. I can't see preventing item dupes with this being that hard. You could just block someone from opening a shared vault if someone else already had it open, for example.
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  13. +999,999,999