July 2020 Member of the Month Is...

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  1. After quite a while looking through things (statuses, posts, etc.), I have chosen a July 2020 MotM!

    Also, for more information about Member Of The Month, Go Here: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/member-of-the-month-yes-its-back.82531/

    CliffCraft was last months' MotM, and now we have another person to give the title to!
    Without further ado, here is our July 2020 MotM! Congrats to:

    Joy is always very friendly, and he's always saying kind, encouraging things to players both old and new. He's active a lot both in-game and on the forums, and he spreads his friendliness wherever he goes. He's one joyful dude!

    Congrats Joy and keep up the good work! :)

    If you are interested in becoming MotM, ... be like Joy_the_Miner! :D

    Comment below and congratulate him! You can also send him a gift in-game if you wish. :)
  2. Congratulations Joy!!
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  3. Congrats to Joy The Miner!
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  4. Yep I agree on this one.
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  5. !!! --- Thank you so much! I.. I really don't know what to say but to thank every one of you guys for your support! :D

    I really hope to see you guys around sometime so I could at least thank you guys in-game! ^^
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  6. Congratulations Joy! Very well deserved :D
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