Joshmcf's 400 Day Party!

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  1. This is a notice for everyone of my 400 day party that is coming soon. I will have fun party games, activities, and dispensers shooting out 70k worth of items! I hope to see everyone there, lets see if we can fill the server!

    My 400 day party

    March 8st, 8pm EST (7pm CT, 6pm MT, 5pm PT, 2pm GMT)
    An important event that I cannot miss has popped up this Friday! I have moved it to the following week (March 8)
    Smp1, Res 712

    What Will We Do?
    We will have competitions, party games, and we will have dispensers shoot out 70k worth of items!

    What Items?
    5 stacks of diamonds
    5 stacks of emeralds
    DC of Iron Ingots
    Chest of enchanted items

    Also, feel free to donate items or rupees. 100% of donations will go towards the giveaway!
  2. Happy 400th day! Sounds great!
  3. Sounds like fun. Sadly, I am busy that entire afternoon. :(
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  4. Sounds fun, are we having a repeat of Jcplugs however with Alex?
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  5. Woo, first like, and 4th post, I'll take it since I'm usually like the 30th XD

    And congratz on your 400th day XD
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  6. Congrats! And also this is like perfect for me!! 5 o'clock on a Friday is perfect!! Thanks
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  7. I think so >.>
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  8. Hey, hey, hey. At least I changed back. :p

    Anyways, this sounds awesome! And I'm not in the wild on smp1! :D
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  9. Can you turn est into GMT for me please?
    Also it would be worth putting in the OP.
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  10. 5pm EST is 11am (the 2nd for you in this case) for you (Christchurch). :)
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  11. When will it end -_-
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  12. When Aikar's finally decides to strike; enslaves ICC, demotes JustinGuy and marries Queen Maxarias. Duh. :cool:
  13. Update! To accommodate members that might be getting home from work, the time has now been changed to 8pm EST. I have also included converted times in the original post!
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  14. Grats on 400 days Josh and Alex! I can't wait for the fun & games!

    *Donated 1r*
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  15. Congrats on 400 days! March 1st is my birthday. :D
  16. I know right? But the one time I'm not in the wild for an event I'm busy..
    :( That's worse..
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  17. Ok, so, Equinox has been liking all of our posts to be nice, even if theyre not funny whatsoever, and here comes his birthday and im the only 1 who likes his post?

    I say we all give him a like for being a great friend, and to wish him a happy birthday!

    So, happy 12 days till your birthday XD

    Im leaving myself a not right now so i can remember to wish you a happy birthday on your actual birthday, too, but ill probably forget, so thats why im saying it now too XD

    So, once again, happy 12 days till your birthday, and i hope you have a great time on your birthday! XD
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  18. I cant wait!

    *whispers* well, I guess the downfall of Emc is finally approaching...

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  19. Damn it i will be in school still at 2pm GMT :(
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  20. wait is alex josh? or is josh alex? Or did they join the same day? I'm confused
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