January 2018 Member of the Month: 607

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. 607 you have done so much for EMC and I hope you continue to help out a lot more! Well deserved win dude congrats :)
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  2. What? :p
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  3. You said I wonder how this will play out XD I thought it was funny how you were the first one to reply to that thread and all =P
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  4. Congratulations 607!
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  5. Congratulations 607. a well deserved member
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  6. I'm a tad late to the response game but I have nothing to argue with on this choice! I've been a follower and a fan for some time myself. Probably one of the easier first choices they may have had. Congrats and well deserved. Now we just gotta get ya in game a tad bit more! :D
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  7. When will I receive the Gold Supporter Voucher? I'd like to hold a giveaway. :)
  8. I will send it this afternoon.
  9. Awesome 607!!! Congrats!!!
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  10. I'm slightly late with this post, whoops for that, but I do feel the need to still make one for 607. :)

    Literally (607, shush, yes I thought/said this in Dutch, I know. :p) my first reaction, and that was a kind of reaction without my brain thinking; a sort of reflex reaction, was "oh yes thought so already". :)

    And that's a good thing! I'm happy you were the first to be given the member of the month; you're a very deserving member and a good example for many others. :)

    So congratulations! I'm very happy, both for you and the community, that you found EMC, and am happy to see you return here every day. Congratz from the fellow Dutchie. ;)
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  11. Aww, it's a shame this completely flew under my radar until now. Finicky piece of junk, I need to get that looked at I guess. *ahem*

    Anyway, just here to add my belated conga-rats, though I think it's more just an affirmation of what we all know already - 607 is totally awesome :)
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