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  1. Some are abandoned and some are just old drawings I did months/year/2 years? ago.

    Paint.net/Gimp stuff

    Photoshop stuff

    Some new recent stuff.

    ^Probably I should have done that one in Photoshop, not in paint.net...
  2. They look awesome! :D Wish I could draw like that :oops:
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  3. Wow, those are very cool! I recognise some of them :)
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  4. Very nice, I'd love to see more!
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  5. Great job!
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  6. I say you did a good job with your drawings, Jakre.
    Arts are my second major career interest, behind computer programming. I know learning how to make high-quality art can't be all done by other sources. I'll put a link to the thread where I explained it deeply below this post, but there are some fundamentals to it. There are probably more to visual arts than what I have listed in this post.

    Color Scheme(s)

    Thread Link: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/end-of-my-guides.44033/
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  7. I really like these drawings Jakres, they look great, good job!
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  8. Who would that beeee? I should have do done it in Photoshop though. I should get more used to draw with a pen and less with mouse.
    Also updated OP.
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  9. I know who that is! :D
  10. For some reason, I did these

    When I should have been doing this one instead .-.
  11. Haha, those are great xD
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  12. They're all really good! :D
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  13. Motivation, y u no work.
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  14. It's looking great already! :)
  15. You should do one for me :D

  16. Eh...
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