End of my Guides

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  1. Hello.
    I fought over depressing times over the past, all that I alone couldn't control.
    So today, enlightenment by a successful artist had lifted my bad thoughts. Optimism had filled the gap and I'm able to release what could mean life or death to creators or even any human being.

    "In the end, all knowledge in art can't come from others. Society will offer the foundations. For more knowledge, you must obtain it yourself through experience. You will encounter obstacles on your way; pass them with light from Heaven. If you take mistakes and failure as learning opportunities, you'll grow. Approach with positivity, and Heaven will bless you. If you approach with negativity, Hell will burn you.
    Follow my words, and eventually Heaven will defend you from Hell. Release the creativity from yourself."

    - ForeverMaster

    With that said, the Building guide series has officially come to an end. Take my words with you and spread it to others. Lets make a Big Bang to those negative minds starting today!:)
  2. Wow.
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  3. Thank you for all of your fantastic guides! They have helped me a lot. :)
  4. That was.... beautiful....
  5. For what I understand is truly beautiful. For they are words of much wisdom!:D
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