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  1. Now that Yukon1200 and I have closed the Empire MineCast for the foreseeable future (and no, nobody else is going to start it back up), I've decided it's time for me to go back to something I have always enjoyed during my over 450 days in the Empire: Shopkeeping! I used to make a good amount of money selling lava buckets out of my dirt shop on smp3, back in the days of Amadai, AndrewBuchinger, and JustinGuy all moderating actively on the servers. Well that time has passed, and I've decided to be a bit more ambitious. So, I present to you for lack of a more creative name:

    (yes that's a zero, not a letter)

    Located at 201 on smp1, JabrC0 will soon be supplying the Empire with only the rarest items! Are you sick of beacon auctions? Can't find cheap wither skulls? Need a nether star? God armor, or a god bow? JabrC0 will be the place to go!

    We'll also have special sales for donating members, including ridiculously low-priced rare goods, and unique or near-unique EMC items!

    Want or need any of the following items? JabrC0 will be your shop!
    - Books written by EMC staff
    - EMC Fireworks
    - Valentines Day Roses
    - Vault Vouchers
    - More coming whenever more limited edition stuff comes out!

    (Just a note, this stuff will probably sell quickly, so come check often once we open!)

    I'll add some pictures of the shop down below, but first I want to thank EVERYONE who made this possible, especially:

    - Chickeneer (10,ooor donation)
    - GameKribJim (10,ooor donation)
    - Sonicol1 (10,ooor donation)
    - PandasEatRamen (10,ooor donation)
    - NinjaBoy5656 (donated 2 beacons, tons of lapis, tons of emeralds, plus helped build!)
    - Jwlpo (20,000r donation, plus helped build!)
    - MinyMe1200 (Provided most of the snow used in the building)

    All of these people will have access to the highest level room, with the best deals! Consider donating to get access to deals for yourself!

    Now for some pictures:

    And finally, and perhaps most importantly, I NEED SUPPLIERS! Do you like fighting wither skeletons? Withers? Is all that too scary? Maybe enchanting things is more your style? Getting $r$u$p$e$e$s$ (too much? naaaaah)? PM me here on the site if you think you could help supply the shop! Get mooooonnnnneeeeeeyyyyyy!!! (ok, maybe that's a little much)

    JABR's BACK!
  2. Awesome! I'm definitely getting a beacon! :cool:
    Welcome back Jabr!
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  3. Omg finally a shop that sales rare items
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  4. Love it.
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  5. can't tell if trolling...
  6. That is soo sweet.
    Do fireworks count as near unquie itema?
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  7. Depends what kind of fireworks. As stated above, EMC fireworks definitely do. Normal ones don't (yet). I'm probably going to add another entire floor for fireworks, but seeing as this project basically took up all my money, and this build style is a bit expensive, it might be a little while.
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  8. How much will you buy an EMC firework?
  9. PM me please :)
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  10. :cool:
    *Feeling proud*
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  11. Actually, nevermind. I have my fireworks on other smp servers, not smp1. Sorry, lol ;)
  12. You can transport them between servers now. Vault is fixed.
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  13. Great idea! Also, I forgot about the EMC firework I lent you, where can I pick it up?
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  14. hahahaha I KNEW this day would come! Darn... I'll set up a chest for you tomorrow on 201. send me a PM if I forget :)
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  15. Trying to use my stuff I so kindly lent you for your own personal gain.....
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  16. Oh really? Thanks.
  17. Use this next time;

    Beside this awesome build, I love your picture :>
    I can't wait to visit after a busy day tomorrow =)
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  18. Looks cool! I might donate some time soon.
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  19. I was too lazy to go look for it :p but yea, that's what I was going for.

    Yup. Because I'm TOTALLY a jerk like that :D I've been hanging onto it, waiting for the day you realized I still had it. I had it well guarded, don't worry. Aikar summoned an enderdragon to teach a few people forgotten combat skills. Those enderninjas have been populating my res ever since, guarding your firework... Why hasn't anyone seen them? because they're masters of the art of /vanish-ing :D But yea, I still have it for you. I'll have to figure out which one of the 8 I have it was though...
  20. All of them are the same, it doesn't really matter if I don't get the one I gave to you.
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