Ive had a bad day.

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  1. Well first I had alot of make up work for class.
    Well later I was fussed at for something I didnt say.
    people I hate wouldn't shut up.
    Annoying sub teacher made sure I did my work
    she stand over me.
    Couldn't text
    Also I have to try out for basketball
    I think its stupid cause I was on the team last year.
    uh yeah
    how was everybody elses day?
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  2. I forgot to charge my phone couldnt listen to Avenged sevenfold all day....very boring. Stupid science homework.
  3. mine sux. boring too. :c
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  4. Well your sub teacher kinda sounds annoying.
    I've never had a life so I don't know how it's like to text people.
    I had a normal day.
    Went to school. Read for around 4 hours before going to lunch. Came back and continued reading for another 2 hours.
    P.S I'm an AG student so thats why I basicly don't do anything in test week.
  5. I was sick so got to play Dishonored, Borderlands 2, Fallout New Vegas, and XCOM.... so it wasn't bad :p
  6. Osrry if I sound retarded. What AG student.

    But back on topic:
    My day was okay up until my football game today when I forgot my cleats so I couldn't do anything. Well I could, I still started but I would slip almost every play because I only had sneakers on.

  7. Sorry, to sound so mean, and be so blunt, but that really doesn't matter too much.. Everything else is something to be legitimately annoyed about though. (EDIT: I've had to fix this post 5 times to get the quote right)
  8. my heart has hurt exceptionally more than i want it to today =\
  9. Surely any pain is more than you want it to?
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  10. Are you just now not a moderator, or am i waaay out of the loop?
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  11. you are just WAAAY out of the loop :p my terrible day - coming soon :D
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  12. Haha... ok. What happened to you today?
  13. well yeah, i wish it would stop completely. but only a heart transplant would probably... hopefully solve that.
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  14. Heart transplants... my teachers friend has one. Hes like 21 now and the heart is only expected to last another year, most :/
  15. Sad to hear you had a bad day... Now time to vent about mine - lol

    Well, first off- the Minecraft part of my day was Amazing! Managed to mine up 20 Diamond Ore Blocks up while mining which got me all excited. But, after lunch - I was getting into the elevator of the Residence hall where I live, and Drop my keys down the elevator shaft... Yeah.
    I have since gotten them recovered and back in my possession, but I am convinced that ALL of my professors are trying to kill me. Because you see, it is Midterms and ALL of my classes think they need to cram a test in the next 2 days... Sooo, I am studying hardcore for these because *after all* I am paying for this... And on top of this, in the last half hour - I stepped up to fill a lead roll in a Musical that happens in a week, otherwise it would not happen...

    To say the least I am going to be one tired chicken by the time all of this is done and over with...
  16. i seriously lawled at this.
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  17. Ok then... I will have a rating, on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 is that it was awesome, 1 means it was horrid.

    Block 1: Gym. We got our Life Skills books. I hate Life Skills. It's stuff like "Say no to drugs" and stuff; stuff our parents have already taught us. Then we played 4 corner soccer, which was kinda boring. Rating: 1
    Block 2: Band. This was actually quite fun. We got to play Frankenstein and Iron Man on our instruments. Rating: 7
    Block 3: Science. We got to do stuff with mixtures, no homework here. Rating: 5
    Block 4: Guitar. I. LOVE. GUITAR. Anyway, in the Christmas concert my class will have, we got to pick songs we'd play in groups or individually. I chose Imagine by John Lennon; I'm a die-hard Beatles freak. Rating: 10
    Block 5: Lunch. Om nom nom. Rating: 8
    Block 6: Social Studies: Some kind of map activity. Rating: 6
    Block 7: L.A.: Graded pre-assessments. Quite boring. Rating: 3
    Block 8: Math: Actually relatively interesting. We're learning stuff like rep-tiles (not that kind).

    So... that's about how my day went.
  18. well theres yer problem. she was suspicious!
    but hey, at least you get to go to school,
    at least you can text,
    and my day was probably as mediocre considering the amount of hate i got for chewing gum. that was black. annoying.
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  19. Wow. My day seemed rather mild compared to some of yours… My hands froze during marching band this morning and my finger was burning the entire day because of how cold it was. It still is.
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  20. I completely understand that pain. I couldn't feel my hands after our Football game on Saturday night - made playing nearly impossible. and that was just half time. The high for the day was 43 Degrees Farenheit. Wind Chill was brutal (and there is plenty of wind in Kansas)
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