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Will you buy enchanted books at my store?

Yeah! 11 vote(s) 100.0%
Nah! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. New 1.9 books are available! Come by and pick some up because they are CHEAP!


    I am currently working on a new enchanted bookstore that'll be available soon. The store will sell cheap (probably under-priced) enchanted books that most players will be able to afford. The store will also be built on SMP8. This thread will serve as an update-log-type-of-thing for the store. I'll announce the grand opening of the store once it's all set up and ready for public use! :)

    The store will be built here (16097):

    The store will look somewhat like this (It's currently unfinished, but I'm very proud of myself for building something that looks this amazing):

    A little fact: both of those screenshots were taken at the EXACT same spot...in different worlds.

    What do you think about the building's design?
  2. The building is now finished -- it's now on SMP8! :)

  3. I like this idea
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  4. bump
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  5. bump update!

    I'm almost done with getting the villagers that have the right trades :) I'm five villagers away now!
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  6. Yes! You are now going to be my one-stop shop for enchantment books :)
    Could you give us a price example? For example, how much for an Efficiency V book?
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  7. The price of one efficiency V book may be around 1k (1,052r)
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  8. Wow, that's a really good price! Do you need any materials to finish the shop?
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  9. I have everything I need. :) Thanks for offering, anyway! :D
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  10. It has been one year! I have been very lazy; that lead to the delay of the store's development. The enchanted bookstore will open tomorrow (December 21st, 2015) sometime in the morning. :)
  11. Yes, Ulti I needed this
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  12. The store is now open! Let me know if anything needs to be adjusted (such as the shop's layout, shop signs that are not working, shop labels, etc)!

    Bulk buyers: bulk buying is not recommended, so please leave books for those who need them!

    To get to the store, type in /v 16097@bookstore on SMP8. Another way to get to it is to go to the iUlti Mall (/v iUlti) and pressing the teleport button to the enchantments section.

    Also, the store's opening was so late that even the snow is back. :p

    The prices are so cheap that you guys will have to come by to see the prices!

  13. Oh finally!
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  14. Bump. I haven't gotten a sale yet. Are the shop signs working?
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  16. The shop signs appear to be broken, and JediKittySC was the first one to tell me about it (I was going to test it out with one of my alternate accounts, but I never did it). I will see what I can do to fix the signs. :)
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  17. I suggest doing [slot1] signs if you got problems doing /iteminfo with the books.
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  18. I have fixed the signs to use slots instead of item codes. The shop signs now work! :)
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  19. and the prices are tooo good to pass out, nice store!
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