It's over 9,000

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  1. Hey guys, overused meme here.

    I am posting this as my 9,001st post on this website. Have to inflate that number more somehow, right? After all, I am on the losing side of the Great Post War of 2016 against TomvanWijnen at the moment.

    Also I hit 12,345 likes today. Look at these beautiful numbers.

  2. It's over 9000!

    Seriously though (no, that wasn't a link to a certain video lol), congratulations on being the fourth person to be able to use this awesome meme for this. :D
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  3. Finally.

    Edit: Wow, ninja'd by none other than... >.<
  4. My name itself is a DBZ reference so I kinda had to capitalise on the 'It's over 9000' meme at some point :p
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  5. Congrats!
  6. ITS OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!