It's over 50000!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JackBiggin, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Yeah... looks like no-one else noticed that those last few people actually joined and we hit 50000... so.. um... yay! So much for EMC losing popularity, evidently it's not. :D

    Oh, and the 50000th person to signup was taco0624

    Only 73 members late... not too bad...
  2. wowowowowowow!
  3. Congratulations EMC :)
  4. A thread of this was made like 2 days ago of us reaching 50k. You're a bit slow.. :p
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  5. A thread was made 2 days before it hitting I believe. :p
    EDIT: Maybe not, but meh, this one has a pretty picture.
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  6. Also 300K messages on the forums :)
  7. Proper Responds to this
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  8. I was going to make thread when I saw it was 50,038 players I checked and a thread had already been made.
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  9. I was the one who made it Jack :)
    Made it on the morning we reached it. :)
  10. Excellent.
  11. If only we had 50,000 active members... :p
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  12. We hit it ages ago, ask Aikar we've gone past 61k
  13. Awesome. Now to hit 100,000 members. :D
  14. It would be more accurate to say that we now have 50,000 members registered on the Website. :D Yay!
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  15. Woah come on Debbie downers lets celebrate this and not argue about I made one first or we hit that months ago. This thread meant a Happy one not a downer :D okay.
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  16. I can't, I must resist, I CAN'T!...
    No, I can.
    This is awesome.
    Carry on.
  17. Song been stuck in my head all day and goes with the thread
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  18. I'm surprised we haven't seen a thread from Justin last time when we hit 40k members Justin was pretty quick to make a post on the front page.