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  1. On this day in history, I logged into SMP2 and placed the very last RobCake of Empire Minecraft.

    I shall not be logging in again.

    I roblikescake hereby have left EMC.

    I go by the quote of "Don't ask, don't tell." But oh well.

    I am leaving for personal reasons, one of which being that I am going into the Air Force.

    It's been a fun 4 months. I built lots of cake related creations. I enjoyed it.

    If you are interested, visit /v battmeghs 2 on SMP2 to see the last RobCake ever to me made on EMC.

    To those who I was not quite friends with, I apologize for our differences and wish the best of luck to each and every one of you.

    To those whom I am friends with, I love you too. Thank you for making my time on EMC. I'd list them all, but I would get arthritis from typing so much. You know who you are, though.

    I shall now post things of interest. Just because, well, I love cake.

    And now, my theme song. I was linked to this video as I was writing this post, and I am in love. A song, made for me, that I did not even know about. It's like.... waking up and seeing a cake in front of you. :)

    Goodbye. <3
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  2. HOW DARE YOU LEAVE! whoever took the screen cap at the placing of the last rob cake, please post it
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  4. Battmeghs literally posted this just after I posted this thread, lol.
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  5. Cool song bro, and I'll miss you. After your training you should be able to get onto the interwebz, so maybe we'll get to see you again, eh? "Goodbye" doesn't always mean forever. :);)
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  6. There goes my Tomato Cake... Sad to see you go Rob! I will always remember being in the EMCake party, I was so surprised.

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  7. It is very sad to see you go, I remember you on smp1 when I won the first cake selling contest and your diamond block tower. ):
  8. Rob, I have had a question I have been wondering. It seems now would be the proper time to ask. What are the names of all of your alts. I know of 2: lolcod and theafkguy.
  9. Good luck in the air force..Hopefully they have some cake there :p
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  10. Well...
    Cake, in a sense, dies. No matter how slowly you eat it, it will run out of slices eventually.
    Sometimes, when a cake dies..... it's not forever. New cakes are made all the time.
  11. ROB! Dont (Pig is your time to convence him!) do it! Stay please! We havent even meet a little piece of cake yet from you! we want to eat it all! ( If you understand what im saying) Just dont! Please! U can go for a week 2 if you want! maybe months! But please the last thing that you do is dont go :( So dont! But if you dont care about this message, then, its the last, good bye my friend D':
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  12. lolcod
    EMCake_Party (Also SecretAznEks's alt)

    The rest of the alternate accounts I shall keep privately known, as not even the staff know about them. Nor will they be able to find out.
  13. Or they just track down the accounts linked to your IP address :p
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  14. He's going into the Air Force.. He can't quit that or bad things happen. I believe you sign a contract stating "I shall do this and sign my soul away for a couple of years to be paid xx amount.", and to defect from that contract = bad doings happening. I don't want rob to end up having to spend time peeling potatoes or what ever it is. (I have no idea how military things like so work.)
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  15. I do. I'm a navy cadet :D
  16. Too bad they were used on a VPN at a friend's house through a secure proxy. Good luck finding the account names :3

    I will be doing Radio Frequency Transmissions, which is basically all the communications systems for the Air Force base I am located at, wherever that may be.
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  17. Rob what are you going to do with all your moneyz?
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  18. G' luck mate. I remember when you joined, and being a bit jealous about your amount of followers ;)

    I know for a fact you'll do well in whatever you do, and I bid a farewell.

    You will surely be missed.
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  19. So it was you:mad:! I got 2nd by 10 cakes because my internet died that day. Now on topic bye rob, how is your mall going to be finished on smp5?
  20. He is gonna decide of course!