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  1. Recently a high amount of older, veteran players have been leaving. Some of you may see it as a good thing, some of you may see it as a bad thing. But when it comes down to it, what do we do? Do we pretend they didn't leave and move on in The Empire? Do we weep and moan over there leaving? Do we cope with the fact that they left and keep The Empire alive?

    Unfortunately that is a completely opinion based question.

    When Veterans leave a community, several things happen.

    One of those happens to be motivation. We have to motivate ourselves to fill in the places of the respected players who left. We have to motivate ourselves to prove that we can still be the strongest tight-knit family out there. We have to motivate ourselves to stay together, and cope with our losses. We have to motivate ourselves to keep the family alive. The Empire Family.

    Another is opportunity. Opportunity for new players to rise up to the top. Opportunity for us to prove that The Empire really is the best community out there. Opportunity for us to prove that The Empire is as good as we make ourselves. Opportunity for The Empire to cope with it's problems to keep the community together. Opportunity for us to better the environment we all love. Opportunity for us to show that we are more than a community, we are a family. Families look after one another picking them up off there feet, keeping themselves together. People come and go, that's natural. Communities rise and fall, that's natural. But we are more than a community. We are more than just a group of people. We are The Empire. The Empire shall live on forever.

    A wise man once said, "The frosting might come off the cake but it is still a cake. More frosting can be applied."
  2. You didn't add the Tomato Paste!!! May the tomato gods never find favor on you! On another note well written!

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  3. I honestly got a bit teary-eyed while writing up this post because of how much I truly love EMC.
  4. Wow. I was literally just making a post just like this, and I was like "I bet someone beat me to this" so I canceled my post. I am nostradamus!
  5. Was you crying tomato tears?
  6. Who is leaving? I'm so not a social guru... But yeah, gotta say this place is pretty awesome.
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  7. Squizzel_Boy, copherfield, a few others
  8. Aww, shucks. I was about to log in and post just that :p
    Getting to the point, I completely agree. Sure, some great people are leaving, but it is up to US to fill their shoes. It is our job as a community to stay strong, even though many of us are leaving.
  9. Relax. Some people are leaving, and we'll miss them, but the Empire will continue to thrive. It's not like anyone is plotting an evil takeover or anything... an evil, horribly clever, horribly absolute takeover that will result in 100 years of darkness. And if they were, it definitely wouldn't be me, no sir. I would never do that. ;D
  10. *CoughCough*
  11. *sneezes*
    Don't mind me, I'm allergic to sadness.
  12. *coughs*
    Don't mind me taking over the world....
  13. One word comes to mind: Moral.

    It's a bit low right now... a few people are moving on, and they all have their reasons. Reading numerous "Im leaving EMC" posts, I definitely felt a small nudge of "the ship is sinking! abandon ship!", but you know what? I'm still enjoying it here, and just because a few people are leaving and there's a little bit of the Jerry Maguire "who's coming with me" fever going around, I'm won't be leaving until EMC is no longer fun for me, even if I'm the last one here and Justin shuts the thing down, I'm not jumping ship because someone else says it's no fun anymore. I'M still having FUN! :D

    My most sincere best wishes to those of you that have decided to move on. The ones that have been here awhile, you know you will be missed.
  14. *flails arms* At least I'm still here.
  15. Aw man, did I miss another meeting? D:

    Your signature should have be "that's a..." :p
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  16. Why u bad? So bad.
  17. Pfft, my Australian-ness interferes with their American-ness. And I can't sign up to Skype. 2012 is here, the world is ending.
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  18. Oh no, the end of the world. Lets all run around the streets naked, informing everyone about the end. I'll bring the tinfoil hats.