Its Been a Ride

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  1. This is something I never thought I would be typing, but, I am leaving EMC. Before everyone starts asking why, or believe it had something to do with the way the server has changed, I am doing this because of Real Life strife. I'm not going to release any major details, because, well.. frankly, its noones business. I loved here, I enjoyed every update that has happened, I enjoyed the community. And I know that great things will happen here. Justin has many great things planned for you guys, and I am sure you will deserve them.

    If I see one "Oh NOES the MODS R l3av1ng 2!!!" Im going to be upset, and not respond to anything. Because this is no way because of EMC, The people here have been like a family to me. And I have enjoyed every minute I have spent here. But, I will respond to a few comments for tonight, but that is really it. I do not plan on getting carried away and checking the forums every day, Im going with the whole band-aid idea. Quick and fast.

    Im sorry this is not super lengthy, this is not the first sad message I have had to write today... and its really taking it out of me.
  2. Sorry to see you go. Best of luck with the real life stuff.
  3. :( what no smooch you were my favorite ( no offense to the other mods) sad to see you go man well goodbye one question are you ever going to come back or is this bye for good :( Also good luck with whatever it is has happened.
  4. No jokes from me this time, its been fun and games ISMOOCH, I remember you showing a couple of us around your floating island. Good times and good memories. You will be missed.
  5. Sad to see you leave. I hope all goes well in life.
  6. for right now, i will say it is indefinite... but its not entirely impossible that I would not return some day.
  7. :( *crys* It will be sad to see you go. You were always funny. Just remember if you ever want to come back, do so.
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  8. It's unfortunate to see you leave EMC. Best of luck to you with whatever you'll be doing. May the great Cake Lords lead you to happiness.

    I truly enjoyed those YouTube videos you'd make, perhaps they will continue?
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  9. Byes ISMOOCH ! best of luck to everything
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  10. as of now.. no.. Minecraft will probably fall more to the wayside for a few months.
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  11. Sadface.

    Hope everything's okay with you bud. Family on my end isn't doing too well, hope that's not the case for you. :/
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  12. Ill miss ya man. It wont be the same without you, ;(
    But, on a good thought, I hope you do well in life :)
  13. Sorry to see you leave the EMC Community, Good luck in life and be safe :)
  14. Bye ISMOOCH, It's sad to see you have to say goodbye to us but please come back everynow and then for a visit! I wish you the best of luck in your real life journey ahead!

    By the way is ISMOOCH Games going to continue?
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  15. No, probably not. At least not for a long while.
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  16. I think your profile pic can go to a sad ISMOOCH. :(
  17. Okay then... Well good luck for the future!
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  18. I wish you all the luck I have.
    Sadly i have never talked or seen you in game.
    I wish we had.
    I will go on a ISMOOCH GAMES marathon tonight.
    I hope you will come back.
    -Jeanzl200 and Jeanzl
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  19. Sad to see you go Smooch. You seemed like a great guy and it will just be another loss in the giant EMC community. It will be sorry to see people like you go and move on with your life. Best of luck on future endeavors. In other sad news, my PC's infected with a malware program called Live Security Platinum if anyone can help please click here
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  20. Aww hell nuh. :( Bye Smooch, and best of luck with the real life stuffs. I hope we get to see you back here later :)

    :O Poor Hayley.