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1-10 How Bad Off am I

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You can fix it (complicated) 3 vote(s) 18.8%
You can't fix it without serious help 3 vote(s) 18.8%
You can't fix it no matter what even if you have another computer 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Your screwed. You credit card info and all that stuff is gone. 4 vote(s) 25.0%
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  1. So I was trying to install TooManyItems for my Single Player. But my brother told me too late that was the wrong link and you were supposed to go on the Minecraft forums. So now there's this thing called Live Security Platinum and I read on the Internet that its a malware thing that takes your info and stuff. If anyone knows how to get rid of this please help! I'm bad with all this technical stuff please help! I have a HP computer laptop if that helps. It runs on Windows 7 and its annoying it keeps popping up when I'm trying to use the Internet and open websites. Someone please help me I'm so scared!!!!!!
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  2. From what it seems, it looks pretty bad. It is a fake anti virus service as well, trying to get you to buy their fake product. here I found you a link on how to get rid of it
  3. Oh that is actually quite easy to fix.
    FIRST OF ALL: Please DO NOT use the internet when you have malware. In addition, I hope you weren't typing in any of your passwords at any time. If so, change them once you have removed the malware (as it could have recorded them)

    TO FIX: Use the power button to shut down the computer.
    -When that happens, during startup, it will ask if you want to go to Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, etc etc, or just Start Windows Normally.
    -Pick SAFE MODE.
    -A screen will pop up showing the core drivers loading-don't worry, this is normal.
    -The screen will look funny (depends on the model). Ignore it :) [In most cases, larger text than normal]. Simply log in as normal.
    -NOW, go to your Start Menu (you know, that menu with all of your programs?
    -Now follow the wizard. Pick the last restore point when you DID NOT have the malware.
    -It will now restore your computer back to that date :)
    NOTE: System Restore will remove the malware, however, in most cases, your personal files will stay.
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  4. Oh. My guess was gone. I suggest you try his way first, since this can likely redirect your your browser onto somthing completely different.
  5. Oh, and one more thing:

    In the future, install an antivirus. :)
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  7. Accesories wasnt there. ALSO Sneeker I think u saved me I followed the code and put it into the Live Security and it said delete this file or remove (whatever) not sure if its gone though someone confirm this I'm not getting anymore messages when opening other websites so that's a good sign but its still there on my notification bar thingy someone I need help!!!
  8. did the video i put up help at all?
  9. Maybe its a virus faking being a different virus? UBER VIRUS!?!?!?! Also, what do ya mean by notifcation thing?
  10. In the bottom right corner next to the date and time and battery there's this arrow that shows you stuff like Battery, Volume etc. The Live Security's still there. But I'm not getting messages or anything from them now. The code I put in from the link you gave me said it cleared the problem or something like that IDK
  11. Well, my notifcations bar always says to update Java and crap when it is already top. Sometimes it just is outta date.
  12. K. A mod please close this thread. Problem solved. Dont need anyone to bump this so someone lock the thread
  13. Have you tried to just uninstall the software "Start menu/control panel/programs & features?

    If you haven't make note of where the program is installed!, then try that.
    Next go to where the program was installed/located and delete any thing that is left!
    Next get your self the free version of "ad aware" and do a full scan, this will hope fully clean your registry.

    Then Get A Good anti virus!!! A good AV will not let you finish downloading a bad file.
    I highly recommend ESET Nod 32, its not terribly expensive and you don't know it there tell you D/L a bad file.
  14. lol I would've just done system restore Iam, GET Avast! antivrus, one of the best antiviruses out there for free! I like it because my uncle reccomended it over Norton and he is in the computer tech field. It updates to protect you from stuff EVERY DAY, fantastic antivrus also. You should NEVER have a computer without antivirus or some sort of security it is Internet SUICIDE!
  15. Any anti virus is beter than Norton AV!
  16. IKR! I heard Norton MAKES their own VIRUSES! It also makes your computer lag like a donkeys behind <lol
  17. lol ya nortan is a big performance hog, that with how "if" it finds a virus 99% chance its not going to know what to do and warn you over and over that it sucks and cant remove the virus.

    Them makeing spy ware and such would not surprise me, there was a anti spy ware scam years back. Where you get a pop up add or the such saying you have spyware and to download there anti spy ware client but it itself was spyware. lol
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  18. Step 1: Buy an Anti Virus like AVG
    Step 2: Learn difference between You're and Your
    Step 3: Play Minecraft.
  19. Actually, the man who Founded Norton Antivirus, is in fact an ex malware coder - so I suppose you could say that 'they' USED to make their own viruses, but 'they' can't and don't any longer
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