Item frames disappearing in my shop

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  1. Hi

    My shop is quite large but I have this recurring problem with only four of my sales chests. A row of item frames placed on white wool blocks has disappeared, and this is the second time i've noticed then just not there. The frames place fine, and remain in place for a few days, then one day i come back and no frames. The chests fuction (selling and buying) normally. Oddly, the item frames I have placed on the other side of the same white wool blocks are not affected.

    Anyone else have this problem? Or know what i could do to fix it?

    Shop is at SMP5 10498, problem is in the white mob drop section on the middle floor.
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  2. Anyone else have this problem? Nope as I do not have a shop. But I have seen It happen. Thought it is odd Item frames disappearing. I didn't know weather to report it.

    This is a job for Aikar <------------------------
  3. I've had 2 item frames randomly dissappear.
    Beacon and Wither head..
  4. That has just happened to me today. 4 of my item frames in my mob drops section at my shop disappeared. I don't know what is going on, but I hope it gets fixed. Three days before I lost 2 item frames in my dye section, so this thing has been going on for a few days now.
  5. I know of another player (not myself) who has mentioned to me missing item frames so it seems like a common thing. I would report it to a mod/admin.
  6. My bf Ramza13 had this happen on SMP2 on a few chests.

    ILostMyShorts had this same problem as well.
  7. I had the same problem with 3 ítem frames
  8. I have also had this problem. A few days ago 9 of the item frames in my shop disappeared, I put them back later that day, and then I had to replace them again today. There was a reboot a day or two ago that was supposed to fix an item frame issue, but I guess it needs some more work.
  9. I've also had this problem on my Wheat farm..
  10. I've had this problem too. I noticed 5 item frames missing when I logged in on Friday.

    Also, around 3-4 weeks ago, one of my shop chests completely disappeared. Luckily, it was only holding melons and not something more valuable. :confused: Anyone else lose shop chests??
  11. I had a few item frames disappear as well, it might be an EMC glitch in town
  12. It's probably a bug, as all 3 floors of my item frames have disappeared.
    Currently I replaced some but I reverted back to putting them blocks (the item) above the sign without an item frame.
  13. I've been having this problem too :/ At my shop on the top and bottom floor
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  14. i'm having the same problem. the last 2 days i go into my storage room and only 2 pop off, the only 2 that are on one set wall... it is also on a chunk line? ...
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  15. Good catch. The frames I put back up are gone now. I checked and the block they were placed on are also on a chunk boundary.
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  16. I just checked mine, and they too are on a chunk boundary. They were also down again and some of the blocks that were inside seem to be missing. I'll just be keeping them down until this gets completely fixed. :confused:
  17. yeah it was because of the chunk line, and is now fixed.

    I THOUGHT the issue that was making paintings act weird was same cause of item frames popping off, but clearly wasnt.

    but thankfully figured it out and it made perfect sense.

    the reboot I just did contained the fix.
  18. Okay I just checked a spot that I had item frames at and yeah they were gone. I don't see that it was a chunk line. Isn't the end of a chunk suppose to be like 000's at the end of one of the x/z cords? How can you tell if your at the end of a chunk or in a chunk line? Luckily I didn't lose any really important items in those frames but still losing some of them is a pain. Oh btw idk when this happened so its possible it is fixed.

    Edit: Oh nvm I see I lost an enchanting table, an ender chest, and a dispencer. Great. :mad:
  19. This hasn't been fixed