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  1. Ok, so i recently finished building OLDMEN Repairing and it is now open for business. So come on down to my 3 res on smp2 and get your stuff fixed or enchanted. The price will be given to you after how much xp it takes me. If you have an questions please p.m. me and I will try to clear it up for you. The res number is 4350
  2. what would be the average price for these levels to repair:




    Thanks :)
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  3. This, and can you also put a price on level 22 enchants? Thanks :]
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  4. you need more exclamation points
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  5. it is 500r for level 30 enchant so for lvl 3o repairs 500r
  6. 30 is 500 and 39 is 600 and 20 is 400
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  7. I can do repairs by myself but I'm too lazy. Totally stopping by for like 10 lvl 39s haha
  8. ok ty i am hopping for alot of buisness
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  9. Please only make bumps in Products and Businesses Threads after 6 hours from the last post :)

    EDIT: This has now been sorted :)
  10. He was replying to AmusedStew's comment, not bumping (or from at least what I could see). ;P
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  11. He deleted his post that was bumping the thread. I understand the reply, the reply is fine, it's just he bumped afterward, which is now removed as it was before 6 hours. :)
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  12. You guys do realize that all this caused even more bumping? ;)
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  13. Oh my bad. :oops:
    It may be bumping more but it's also clearing up some confusion. ;)
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  14. Just so you know, the rules have been changed recently. It's 3 hours across the board for bumps now:, 5th bullet down.

    Also, I will definitely be using this. Can I get a time estimate for a level 39 repair?
  15. Rules/Guidelines for this topic section still read 6 hours, quoted here:
    Perhaps this needs to be changed to avoid confusion, or is this rule still right? Might need to bring it to Krystal's attention otherwise everyone will be getting the wrong end of the stick.
  16. That should take like 10 minutes if i have no one elses to do