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  1. Right now my laptop clings to dear life. I won't be on for a few weeks because of this. But thankfully it happened at the best time. As a graduation present, my mom is helping me finance a new desktop rig, one that will hopefully be better than the laptop I've been using for the past 4 years.

    (Yes, this post is in plain white. Due to some hardware trouble, my laptop now refuses to fully connect to some websites and so some features such as formatting has disappeared to me. Even being able to post this is a miracle.)

    This is the build I am thinking of:

    Thoughts? Suggestions?
  2. This is a great setup, you might want a more powerful PSU if you plan on adding an extra Gpu later. Before you buy it, look around for sales because there will be bundles with graphics cards and like 2 free games, just keep an eye out.
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  3. Get a i7 for sure, I have an i5 at the moment and it isn't that great for graphic intense games such as warframe. I know it may cost more now, but you will be happy with it overall in the longrun!
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  4. I'd change the hard drive to a Western Digital Blue 1TB one cause both my sister and brother have had problems with Seagate hard drives.

    The speakers look cheap to me, so I'd get this.

    AND ASROCK MOTHERBOARDS... my sister and friend have had problems with ASRock motherboards! My friend's computer wouldn't shut down (The solution was to replace the motherboard - it wasn't the power supply's fault.) and my sister's computer froze every time it booted up (I took out all my parts and replaced my sister's motherboard with mine. It never crashed. We ended up returning it). If you don't wanna take risks with ASRock, try this motherboard. There is nothing wrong with it! Don't trust the "bad" reviews!
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  5. That depends on the type. The i5 I have on my PC is 10x faster than the i7 in my laptop. It all depends on the year of their manufacture and overall ability, so to find this out, I recommend looking at processor leaderboards to find the best one :)

    As for motherboards, I use an MSI. I have never had any problems with it, Ultimamaxx up there likes them too ^ The setup generally looks pretty great though :)
  6. Alright,


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  9. Okay, your first build was great. I have the i5 4670 CPU. In your price range it's hands down considered the best for gaming. The AMD 6-core you replaced it with was a downgrade in my opinion. Very few games take advantage of multi-core processing, so more often than not you wont get any benefits from having 6-cores. 4 is more than enough for gaming and the 4670 is more powerful than that AMD chip. You do not need an i7 either, the improvments in gaming fps between and i5 4670 and an i7 is minimal. Here's some benchmarks that prove I'm not making stuff up

    Asrock makes solid motherboards. So does Gigabyte and MSI. You really can't go wrong with either of them. Ultimamaxx, just because you and your sister got faulty parts doesn't mean the whole brand is wrong, that happens with every company. Thats why RMAs exist :p

    On a similar note, Seagate and Western Digital both make fantastic HDDs that are very reliable. Again Ultimamaxx, 1 experience doesn't define the brand.

    Your first build was perfect. Peripherals aside because it's too much on personal preference, keep the i5, pick from any of the brands I mentioned for your HDD and motherboard and go for it. You did a great job :)
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  10. My ASRock motherboard works fine, had they remembered to update the bios once it was installed in their system? It's pretty much necessary, as it includes bug fixes.
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  11. You also have to remember to buy an operating system... Unless if you go linux for free.
    Also unless if your monitor doesn't have a camera/microphone it might be a good idea to buy one.
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  13. They both installed everything on the disc it came with and updated the bios
  14. About.the.OS,


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  15. a cpu that expensive should come with a fan that lasts for a while... if you wanna overclock it to 4.5 ghz or higher, you would want water cooling or a better fan
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  16. SSD's are also nice :D

    Looks good! You won't need an aftermarket cpu cooler, and you don't get full benefit of it (no overclockable cpu), it'll probably be quieter, and your cpu will be cooler.
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  17. It doesn't overclock, it's not from the 'K series'. If there's a K behind the name, it's overclockable. If there is nothing, it's not.
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