It didn't know I was looking

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  1. I wasn't entirely sure where to post this, only that it certainly needed to be shared.
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  2. Ha ha ha thats so cool :p
  3. Does he Still hit you when in a boat?
  4. I thought he was doing his impression of a Marlix until I noticed the boat :D
  5. Sometimes the Big guy needs a break i guess. Maybe being killed so many time he just feels like siting for this one =P
  6. And it seems that zombie is wondering if there's still room for him in there :) "you sure this fits, momo?" :p

    Well, I suppose this means a new item on Aikar's todo list: get Momie a bigger boat :)
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  7. Agreed!!
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  8. Is he still in the boat or did you kill him?
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  9. Lol, I don't even know what to say to that, will have to see if this is a new way to kill momentus on diff 10 :p
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  10. We should start a petition to make Aikar have momo spawn in a boat!
  11. Killed him. Maybe a little cruel, he was trying to summon me onto the boat with him. Poor lonely momo.
  12. Makes me wonder what Aikar has been feeding them (apart from the regular diet of newbie players of course) :)
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  13. Well, I can now confirm that Momentus really likes boats :p

    Ever since 1.9 hit I prefer going to mining locations by boat because it's a lot faster to go there together. And during this waste reset I discovered an icy area where I build a mine (and dug a huge tunnel back to the outpost, but that's another story) and here I spend plenty of time. So obviously it was inevitable that mini bosses would spawn here.

    Uhm, yeah:

    Momentus, a zombie passenger and even Marlix came to take a look :eek:

    Trust me: if you think that getting pulled in by Momentus is bad then you never been pulled into a boat which also had a passenger :D
  14. Both bosses in an ideal location to fight them. :eek:

    Which dev did you pay?
  15. To be honest I was more wondering what I had done to deserve all that punishment :D

    Thing is: ever since I learned of its existence I wanted to have a ticking tock. I always keep a clock in my inventory because it's extremely useful during mining, and a ticking tock is like the Empire assistant: soulbound & final, so you can never lose it!

    So here I was fighting on level 8. And I had forgotten all about Marlix which was flying around. And the moment I got into range it automatically started to attack me because of my level. But as you can see I had already lost my shield and other stuff, so there was only so much I could do here :p

    I did get a pretty nice reward out of this fight (though next time I'll be sure to remove the boat because I think it lessened my odds) but up until this date I'm still a little jelly of AyanamiKun who did manage to get a ticking tock from a Momentus fight. And she wasn't even fighting on level 8! :confused:

    Next time Momentus... Just you wait, next time I'll get that watch of yours! :p
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