Issues with Supporter Upgrade

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  1. I was trying to become a supporter (Gold) earlier and got an error message. See below. Tried twice and got the same message. Looks like I wasn't charged, so no problem there.

  2. I would pm the admins about this :)
  3. It looks fine but drop a PM by krysyyjane9191 to be on the safe side. I've had cases in the past where the website claimed I didn't send the transaction but it got through anyway.
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. I PM'ed kryseejane9191 about it.
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  5. krysyyjane9191* ;)
  6. Just so we're clear: you went to the supporters page, and used that to nab a gold voucher?

    Considering that no charge was made to your Paypal account I'm tempted to wonder if this couldn't be a client sided issue. Have you made other Paypal purchases before?

    Also: when exactly does this happen? the moment you check out, log onto your account and hit the button (I don't know from mind what it's called)?

    Alas; even so: have to agree that it might be best to PM Krysyy, even so; this seems like a client-sided issue to me.
  7. I've had that a bunch of times. If no charges are made, I would go ahead and try it again. But before you do that, please try and call PayPal to verify that it was just a a hickup.
  8. I've PM'ed but no response yet.

    Yes, I go to the supporters page and click the upgrade button under the gold supporter tab.

    I get the error after clicking upgrade, and then the login button when it redirects to PayPal. I've called PayPal and everything is fine on their end. I use my PayPal account all the time, including just now.

    I just tried again and am getting the exact same message.

    Maybe I'll see if I can do it without logging in and just using a credit card.
  9. Ok, first of all: there are 2 ways to become a supporter. The first is to use the upgrade button which you mentioned, however please be aware that this option gets you a monthly subscription. So basically you subscribe to being a supporter and would pay $10 per month automatically to continue being a supporter.

    The other option is to buy a supporter voucher (either single or in bulk (6x)) and then manually redeem the voucher. This makes you a supporter for one month, after that month your status will return to that of a regular player.

    Figured I'd mention it because of the differences.

    My suggestion though: if the upgrade option doesn't work then I'd try to buy a single voucher instead. So instead of clicking 'upgrade' you'd use the pull down menu further below and use the option: "Gold voucher ($10 one time)".

    Maybe that'll work for you?
  10. This happened to me when I got my diamond, just refresh the page.
  11. Problem solved. Just got a single voucher. Thanks for the help, everyone!
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  12. First and foremost: thanks for keeping us informed and I'm happy to learn that your problems have been solved.

    At the risk of overdoing it, but... As I mentioned earlier a voucher will be active for 1 month. And many people wonder what might happen when it runs out. If you're one of them then check this post. (guide I wrote some time ago).

    In short: after expiration you won't lose anything but you may need to keep the new limits in mind (example: regular player can have 1 horse in a stable, supporters can have more. So if you go back to regular and take a horse out of the stable you won't be able to return it (stable it)).

    Just keep those small issues in mind and you should be good. Note: residences and such are no issue at all; as Gold supporter you have access to 2 and when the time expires you keep those 2.

    Hope this helps a bit as well!