Is this fair?

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Was this unfair for the mods to do?

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No 25 vote(s) 62.5%
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  1. Yeh, I've never done these before, so I did one, simply to ask a question. I am really just posting this to find if the situation was fair or not.

    This is what happened. Everyone on the server is supposedly nice. Sure there was some sorta con-men; a troll every here and there, but everyone was generous and kind.

    That idea lasted until I joined Dwight's and Death's mob arena for the fourth time today. Before the arena even started, RainbowChin spawned in a overpowered creeper [as in, it was more powerful than that of a charged creeper] and I lost all my gear. My gear included 2 sets of level 30 golden armor, 93 shiny flesh, 3 zombie virus, 5 God apples, 2 level 30 diamond swords, 12 haunted candy, 5 healing potions, and 2 strengthening potions[I threw one at kev20022 beforehand]. The mods refused to give my stuff back as I saw 3 other people receive new gear. At that point, I felt at though the mods of this server are unfair and overpowered. Dwight told me that I cant get my stuff back because I was in the mob arena while I died, even if it was before the arena started.

    Once again, Im not trying to gain pity, I'm just asking if it was unfair.

    I appreciate the responses.
    Thank you- Fen (Swamp Peoples) Neff
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  2. This guy obviously thinks Dwight's actions were unfair XD

    I pushed 'no' accidentally :p
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  3. I do understand that you feel angry that you lost your belongings, and am confused as to why others did get theirs (might've been a special case) but you need to know that there is a warning saying you will die at mob arena.
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  4. Umm, when you enter into mob arena it says in red writing you will lose your stuff if you die, that is how mob arena works. You should not blame the mods because you did not learn the rules.
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  5. I feel like there HAS to be a communication break down here. Did people get their old gear back? Or did they just simply put on new gear? Like others stated, there is a very obvious message upon entering Mob Arena to prevent miscommunications such as this one.
  6. The normal creeper was spawned by a pushed button up top, as to who did this is unclear. As mob arena rules state if you die in the arena at any given time, you are not required to be given your gear back. Sometimes not all the gear makes it back to the chest, in this case people that were able to be given their gear back were. You stuff, however was nowhere to been seen in the chest room.

    I’m sorry if you feel this was unfair but no was given "new" gear at all.

    It is most likely someone grabbed you gear off the floor and were unable to police that part of it. So once again am sorry if you feel singled out but that is just how it is.
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  7. I am aware of the death warning. I am mostly upset as to why Dwight put peoples belonging in the winners chests an let them walk out with it.

    Thx Death for clearing this up, Im just guna take a long break for Emc. :p
    [Emphasis on 'long']
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  8. Thats just how the Arena works, if you lose, you lose your stuff and it goes to the winner. Dwight did nothing wrong, he just followed how Mob Arena works, and that is perfectly normal. And I am sorry for your loss of armor, etc.
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  9. The arena hadn't started though, so he was basically sucker punched. Sure, everyone goes there knowing they could lose their stuff. If that were strictly the rule, no one would have gotten anything back.

    If you still have a bit of EMC left in you, stop by and visit me on smp7 tonight and I'll set you up. I can't say I can duplicate what you had, but I can come pretty close.

    I didn't vote. I don't think what happened was fair, but I don't think you were treated unfairly. Things just suck sometimes.
  10. I lost my 12 god armors, a stack of god apples, and a million rupees... buddy.
  11. I just gave you all that stuff. You need to be more careful.
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  12. Silly me, I guess.
  13. this is a risk all players take when entering the arena, so yes this is very fair. every1 is clearly warned!
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  14. If you would like, I can help you back up to your feet and give you some stuff... Nobody wants people to take 'breaks' from emc.... once you're in emc you stay in emc > : D
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  15. Yes, I feel that this is "fair" but still I would feel the same way if this happened to me, come to me on smp3 and ill give you my winnings :)
    +the stuff that those people got back :D
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  16. Too bad it happened without the event actually going on.
    But you have to realize, not much in life is fair.
    What you can do, is just have fun. No matter what, just have fun.

    And good gosh, why oh why did you have all that stuff in the mob arena?
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  17. *Joking. We are not a cult. Maybe.
  18. Wait now, I postponed the 1st round because this happened and two players did get equipment back. I waited and saying in chat anyone else and no one replied back. Also I didn't say you couldn't get your armor back or even of the sorts you never came forward saying you lost anything.
  19. The rest of the staff and I apologize for any confusion. I am working to access a list of stuff that was lost and will restore what i have confirmed to be missing. Something like this should never happen. Next time, instead of making a forum post though try sending a pm to staff so we can get this sorted. Again, this was a communication fault and we are working on rectifying the situation. Please stay tuned for a message in your inbox.

  20. While I'm sure it felt this way, I doubt that this was the intent.

    Either this was an unintended result of a lighthearted troll (mods often play jokes on people they know), or a mistake, you might be surprised at how complex the mob arena is to run. Not to mention following chat with 100 messages flying by every minute during events.

    Mob arena is supposed to be fun. It is nearly impossible to be the winner, you have to expect that you will die, it's best to be ready to laugh while doing it.

    The intent of the event is not to destroy people's will to play the game. We are not a PVP server and most people are not of a mindset that wants anyone to dwell on an event loss. It shows by the many who offer to help replace gear or help you to recover from the loss. We are generally about having fun as a community. Even with an 'economy' system, there are plenty of players here who are more concerned with enjoying the game than making a big profit.
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